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Card based summoning spreadsheet

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Have you ever looked at a summoner, been interested, only to be turned away at the realisation that the actual summoning portion requires copious amounts of simple math?

I have. Wyrd expects too much from me.

Well i have spent an equally copious amount of time creating a spreadsheet for every new permutation available with each card 
avalible here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tmQ3mqV9XyfNaWxQm1UXOxrE_DMzn7HXQFe1hNaeBnM/edit?usp=sharing

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Note that to qualify a model has to have its options based on the card flipped, so sonnia and Ivan for example aren't here because they're only based on the opponents WP/ect and therefore does not require really any sort of math, but i could add them if there's any interest
The other exception is flat-TN summoners, like the Sow or Asura where they can only summon 1 model with no variance

but let me know if I missed something, either a model or a permutation or I straight up got a number wrong, its 3 am here and it would be wild if I didn't

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I think you have missed Ice/Fire and Wind, for a 13 and Metal/Poison and Wind for the red joker on Sandeep. 

2 alps for the red joker for Dreamer.


Can't spot any others but that was just a quick glance through...

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33 minutes ago, Morgan Vening said:

This. Is. Awesome.

Completely missed the first criteria doesn't care about Minion or not.

Yeah, so did i, you can also do it to the sow, though I would need to list it as a "special step" as it would be two cards lower than single step

I'll go ahead and do that now

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