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Perverse Metabolism

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I just started playing with Mc Mourning and a question regarding  Perverse Metabolism.

Damage from poison heals instant or i have to wait to the end of the end phase to recover wounds?

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It heals when it would take damage from poison.

Normally that is during the end phase, but there are other things that do damage from poison ( like catalyst) which would heal them at that time

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Usually at the end of the turn (as this would be when you would take damage from conditions) but if you use an ability like blood poisoning it would be instant.   Best way to remember is just instead of taking damage from poison (whenever that would be for whatever reason) you just heal instead. 

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Strategically, you get a few heals:

Incidental healing - catalyst and a few other options. This just tops you off a bit.

Burst healing - nurses and blood poisoning. These tend to be your option when you need healing NOW or the model will die. These can help ensure you live til end of turn.

End of turn - poison ticks at the end of the turn, so you want as many models as possible to stay alive. With 2-4 healing per damaged model, you can heal an insane amount if you can keep your models alive at the end of the turn.

So a lot of McMourning is managing the different heal timings and making sure each model lives until its next heal.

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