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One piece of Bayou

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Just now, lusciousmccabe said:

Все это выглядит очень глупо. Любите попиность кожи и металлов и все текстуры и узоры, которые вы добавили... каким-то образом!

Не возражаешь, если я спрошу, из чего ты сделал лепестки на том вишневом дереве?


Sure. These are bran (wheat, probably), which I painted in different shades of pink, then dried and pasted on the padding pad)

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On 6/16/2021 at 4:34 AM, Skrytnik said:

Sammy LaCroix, swamp hag and gremlin cosplay on Zoraida. Playing with such a miniature is not very convenient, but I really like to make large-scale and spectacular bases. And this is my first attempt to do something in the style of grimdark. In my opinion, it turned out too "grim" and too "dark")





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14 hours ago, fire5tone said:

Do you have a blend you use for the skin tones? This is great

I use different colors, depending on the mood) The brightest is pure yellow, the darkest is the darkest green. Between them, I use any neutral green, mixing it with the previous ones. Additionally, I add a mixture of blue and black in the shadows.

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