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Cardboard terrain

Tomas Glazauskas

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Hello people,

First time here, first post :)

only starting to play M3ED and thought what to do with terrain...so..took a cardboard sheet from job and tryed to make some...

here are my first ones. Never done anything before but I'am starting to like :) everyting is from cardboard and a little of paints :)

what do you think? any suggestions ?







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That's good looking terrain. Well done. 

I would consider a few smaller boxes, fences and such. Scatter terrain can be very useful for providing small lumps of cover, and/or blocking charge lanes.

Making forest might be harder, but would be my next suggestion to look at making. 

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Updates regarding terrain table :)

added - gallows pole and tree stumps from foil and clay and started placing everything on ground.

started making streets and etc. :)

question - does anybody would be interested about terrains like this manual? or possibility of purchasing ? just asking about possibilities. its not an offer :)









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I really appreciate how, even though it is not the most detailed scenery, it has a wonderful and charming aesthetic. The whole board ties together in a very consistent and cohesive way. It makes me want to worry less about the detail on my next terrain set and to have it be more like this.

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