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Rotating group and game balance


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Hello, I'm a beginner to TTB and while I was organizing some things to start with this system, I was hit with a common problem for me and my group of friends willing to play tabletop RPG's: there's a near zero chance for us to get all players for each session. TTB feels like a good system for less consistent groups story wise, but how hard is to balance the game around that? I'm mostly concerned about some players getting one or more pursuit steps ahead of others and if I should do something to make absent players' characters catch up to the rest. I want to make sure everyone's fated feel equal and avoid situations when more skilled ones could get more spotlight because of being way better at doing stuff.

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I think you can get away with a mixed group in TtB, as long as no players get too far ahead. You might have to experiement to get things just right, but if your players like their characters, they will probably be understanding when they fall a little behind after missing a session.

There can already be an imbalance in Talents, even when players are all playing each session, because switching Pursuits often can net more Talents than sticking with the same Pursuit.

Lastly, don't discount equipment as a way to uplift weaker characters; the right gun or even a toolkit can add a ton of utility, and as Fatemaster, you can make sure the players who are falling behind a bit better gear.

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