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Where to expand after the allegiance box?

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Hey I recently picked up the Allegiance box for Cult of the burning man and I was thinking what should I add next to my army? so far I was thinking of adding some broken, Doomsekers, ECB Black ops, Stalking Portals and ether Horomatangi or Gorysche and I'm open to suggestions

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You’ll want a second commander and some units to get you up to 50 points. 

Doomseekers are great. Give ranged options, teleport shenanigans and area damage. 

ECB also give ranged damage and can deal with commanders and Titans. Also a solid choice. 

Gorysche is good. But takes more getting used to. A big scary looking Titan but his damage output doesn’t match. He’s actually more of a tank and versatile piece. I really like him but you’ll need a few goes to get the most value. 

In terms of commander it’s up to you. Both Fenton and Horo work and have a place in the faction. Choose the one you like based on looks. Get the other later. 

Broken are pretty good. They can hold an objective and draw cards. Good value. 

ive never used a second unit of portals. They’re amazing. But only need one. Breechlings are pretty good too. Even if you only summon them. 

Another  thing to consider would be the rhino. Solid piece that has a role in most lists. Also at 3 scrip it helps plug a whole when you need to get up. 

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Short Version: Get (in order) 1-2x Raving Madmen, an Immolated Rhino and the Doomseekers. After that it's down to personal preference. :)


Long Version:

After the core box, the first thing I'd recommend is a Raving Madman or two. They're cheap enough to fill gaps in your company (the starter is only 24 scrip if you max out Adeo's assets) and they make it much easier to flip your own units to Glory. 

After that, you want to look at what you'd need for steadily larger games. For instance 1x commander +5 scrip, +10 Scrip and eventually 2x commander. For those slightly larger games the Immolated Rhino is a great buy, not only because it's a borderline OP unit, but also because it's cheap (once again letting you fill out companies). 

After that, I'd personally recommend Doomseekers, followed by a Goryshche and/or Broken. @Metalhed already covered why these units are great. 


Both Horomatungi and Fenton are great choices for a second (or alternate) commander. Horo will fit in with whatever else you take, but the chance to ally in some Gibbering Hordes units can present some fun options. If you want to go down that route, I'd recommend Speckled Crawlers and possibly an Egg Clutch. Striped Skulkers are also great value, but at that point you might as well start a Gibbering Hordes army too! 

If you take Fenton, I'd recommend including Broken and at least one (possibly 2) units of Twisted Horrors with him. All three units synergise very well together, since they're great for rapidly flipping through your deck and eventually giving your Gloried Twisted Horrors a second activation! 


Finally, at some point I'd recommend picking up a Breachling. It's rarely a good hire for the Cult, but Doomseekers can summon them and there's a Cult stratagem that lets you summon three Breachlings out of portals! So having one (and the Breachling tokens it comes with) is not essential, but certainly good to have on hand.


Beyond that, every unit in the Cult list is great, and has a purpose in your lists. So you can't go wrong with making sure you have one of everything in your collection. ;)

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Can’t believe I missed madmen. I think it’s because I see them stapled to certain units. Definitely want at least two. I always add them to warped and horrors. They feature in other units depending on scrip availability 

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