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Sparks scrapyard mines



Are friendly models unaffected by original pit traps in addition to scrap markers that now count as pit traps? When they refer to "these pit traps", do the "(visa versa)" include the pit traps that are now also counted as scrap? Can I "ride the rails" from a scrap marker into base contact with a pit trap marker (within 6" of Sparks) without suffering 1 damage and 1 injured? 

Screenshot 2021-05-04 at 08.18.02.png

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Since the original sentence has (and Vice versa) I think in effect you can read it as two sentences, "Scrap markers within 6" are treated as pit trap markers" and "pit trap markers within 6" are treated as scrap markers". So the friendly model will be unaffected by both types of marker in range, and yes you can then ride the rails to it without suffering hazardous, but if Sparks moves away before you do you will be taking hazardous from it then, (assuming it is a pit trap, not a scrap marker)

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