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I'm pretty excited about the new Reichart. I've had him on the table once since his errata and he was pretty solid. He ended up getting killed by Titania, but did a lot of work along the way. Perfect timing for me, since I had been waiting for the Sand Worm to be released (and then painted) before really starting to play Basse, so I'm not long into it and wasn't expecting to like Reichart. 

Thinking about some of his new triggers a bit got me to wondering what he might be like with Dr. Grimwell. So the trigger on Stoic Nod gives enemy models within 2" staggered. In addition to being able to shut that model down for strats & schemes with Grimwell, he also adds a crow in duels with enemies with staggered. So, if Reichart does Stoic Nod on a poor soul or two, Grimwell can attack them twice with a crow built in and, if he hits, make them discard 2-4 cards. If he can get another crow on one of those it's 2-7 cards (or a boatload of injured and damage). The bad part about this is that Reichart would rather go after the opponent has been stripped of cards to take advantage of his shiny new execute trigger. What you could do is hire a lawyer, which is never a bad idea anyway, and obey Reichart to use Stoic Nod, then have Dr. Grimwell go, then later go with Reichart to try to execute a major piece. 

It's a bit Rube Goldberg, but those aren't bad models anyway, so you can probably just play your game and see if the opportunity presents itself sometime mid-game. I'm going to try it out the next time the pool and deployment cooperate. 


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3 hours ago, Maniacal_cackle said:

I think what you could also do is have Reichart make everyone staggered end of one turn, Grimwell activate start of next turn, rather than trying to Goldberg it.

Although to make sure you're aware, Grimwell's trigger is 'once per activation'? It sounds by your ranges perhaps you're thinking it can be done twice.

Lobotomy is once per activation, but Maim is not. So my initial range is just hitting maim twice (2-4 cards). You're right about managing it over two turns though, that is definitely possible. It isn't always easy to pull that off either! 

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