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Ulix in GG2


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Ulix is one of my favorite master in Bayou (actually Rocinante is because I'm in team Unicorns).

I would like to know how you see him I  GG2?

One one hand, I really like the scheme pool for him with less centre  brawl stuff (Death bed seems great, and more scheme marker stuff works well with Ulix). The strat are also nice, most of the flavoring mobility. So I think Ulix would fair better in GG2 than I  GG1...

But, on the other hand, the new summon rules hurts him (not as bad as reall summoners) as does the change to a couple of scheme to avoid replace sheenaningans (see vendetta).

IMO, the new summon rules will change Ulix list building.

In GG1 the Sow was an auto-include... But I don't think she's mandatory anymore. @Scoffersuggests on discord to hire more Squealer and a Hog whisperer. I actually prefer Slophauler, but I think he's right: the Ulix grow list will be carried by cheap hired models (piglet and squealer), Old Major (Still a staple even without fouc stacking) and a couple of support pieces.

I think Ulix Elite is even worse than before, but maybe I'm wrong here. Anyone have a good list for GG2?

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I think that starting with 4 "growable" piggies is going to be key now. You don't want/need more than some incidental summoning to bother your opponent and mess with his plans, so maybe starting with 2-3 piglets + 1-2 squealers and trying to get 2 war pigs turn 1.

The Sow is still a decent beater piece, specially with the grit activated, but now competes with Gracie (a tankier option). I don't have much experience with Ulix, but I'm trying to figure out the best way to play him.

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I'm not a Ulix expert by any means but I think that in GG2 you're probably bringing more cheap pigs to upgrade. 

With the Strat objectives spread out I think the focus is going to be more on how mobile Ulix can be. Pigs+Slop Haulers for hyper mobile scheming. Summoning to replace "mounts" to keep moving via Hitch a Ride. 

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I think it is really pool dependent, right?

Like for corrupted leylines, 0 of the changes affect the crew? (Summons can interact with strategy tokens, just not markers, iirc).

Break The Line is extremely combat focused.

Symbols, yeah, the changes hurt really bad there I think.

Turf war, I think you can get away with a grow list?

Little experience with Ulix though :(

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Indeed. I was talking specifically about the strat where you have to interact with the markers (symbols and break the line)... For the 2 other strats nothing change for Ulix (I didn't play him in GG0 so I don't know how he'll fare in turf).

I think he'll be quite good at break the line due to the AP advantage.

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Another angle to consider is just picking up scheme runners from outside of keyword.

The First Mate for example seems pretty solid to bring into a crew, and you can then get a quite a bit of mileage out of just sending wave after wave of pigs into the face of your enemy to stop THEM from doing the strategy.

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