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Spellcasting and Suits

Alex Chesterfield

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Can someone explain spell casting to me? It appears that all spellcasting requires a suit in the TN, does this "spend" the suit so that you cannot use it also on a trigger?

Also, how would it be possible to ever get a trigger for an enchanting spell other than the ram, considering I did not see a pursuit that grants a free suit to enchanting, so in order to succeed at the spell you'd need a ram for the TN, where would the other suit come from? I've been trying to figure this out all morning and I feel I must be missing something. 

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Don’t overlook soulstones for suits, and the various magic theories.

Edit:  There’s also the “keep trying and failing, until eventually you draw a ram (to cheat it next time) or flip a ram” approach.  Those “draw a card when you fail” pursuit talents are there to be used.  :)


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A Soulstone can add a Suit to a spell using Augment Magic, Core Rules pg. 259

The Academic Pursuit has the Mental Conditioning Talent which allows the character to add one Suit of their choice to any Skill associated with a Mental Aspect.

Some of the many other sources of Suits which could potentially be added to spells, include:

- The Oxford Method Magical Theory (Core Rules)

- Arcane Musings from the Dabbler Pursuit (Core Rules)

- Morbid Thoughts from the Graverobber Pursuit (Core Rules)

- Transmutive Comprehension from the Magewright Pursuit (Above The Law) <--- this might be what you want

- Specialized Skill General Talent (Core Rules)

- Channel Destiny General Talent (Into The Steam) <--- I'd recommend this for early game spellcasters

- Set 'Em Up from the Collaborator Pursuit (Into The Steam)

- Strike First from the Infiltrator Pursuit (Into The Steam)

- Powder Wars Training from the Freikorps Advanced Pursuit (Core Rules)

- Death Ascendant from the Grave Servant Advanced Pursuit (Core Rules)

- Puppet Master from the Bokor Pursuit (Into The Bayou)

- Klaatu, Barada, N... from the Copy Cat Pursuit (Into The Bayou)

- Magic Seeker from the Mage Killer Advanced Pursuit (Above The Law)

Supervision form the Overseer Pursuit (Core Rules)

...And the From Nightmares book has a whole lot more that I haven't memorized yet, but shouldn't be hard to find...

Additionally (with the Fatemasters' permission) you should be able to add Suits to Skills using Manifested Talents gained from completing Destiny Steps

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Quick browse through the books:


Pursuits that add suits to skills
-Bureaucrat: The System Is Rigged-Treat Ram and mask cards as having both Rams and Masks
-Magewright: Transmutive Comprehension-add ram to enchanting skill

-Academic: Mental Conditioning- add a suit to a mental-based skill
-Dabbler: Arcane Musings-add Tome to your sorcery skill
--Graverobber: Morbid Thoughts- add crow to your necromancy skill
-Overseer: Supervision-discard a card to add the suit to final duel total of any friendly character that can see or hear her (including herself)

-Manifester: Sleepwalking-add mask to prestidigitation skill

-Copycat: Klaatu, Barada, N.... - complicated read it. Pg 99

Talents that add suits to skills
-Specialized Skill-add a suit to a skill when the talent is selected.

-Shifting Blood (Neverborn only)- add crow to enchanting skill
-Fortunate Familiarity-complicated. Read it. P. 129

-Channel Destiny-suffer 2 damage to add a suit to a duel

Refined Oxford Method Variant theory pg190-increase AP of a spell by 1 to add a single suit of choice to final duel total

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