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TOS - A Call to Arms - May Vassal event


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Round allocations

Round 1

Operation      Set traps
Deployment  Sideways
Map               The River Steve
Starts            Mon 17 May
Ends              Mon 24 May


If your name is higher in the left hand column you are the attacker.

And Round 1 ends as follows:



Round 2

Operation      Scavenge
Deployment  Corner
Map               The Village
Begins           Mon 24 May (tournament pack says Tuesday, but everyone has reported)
Ends              Mon 31 May


If your name is higher in the left hand column you are the attacker.

And Round 2 ends as follows:



Round 3

Operation          Supply Cache
Deployment      Confrontation
Map                   Research Outpost
Ends                  Mon 7 June


If your name is higher in the left hand column you are the attacker.

Final Results


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1 hour ago, Axelst said:

How does it work with the Toughness asset in the garrison? If you have two Toughness in your garrison, do they cost 1 or 2 scrip in regards to the 75 scrip limit?

There is no limit to assets in the garrison. Just treat each toughness taken in garrison as 2 that you can take into play. 

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On 5/10/2021 at 6:37 AM, Vanilla_Dice said:

Is it possible to get a registered players list put up so we can confirm you have recieved our registration form?

Of course.

1 Axelst Garrison received
2 wookiejunior Garrison received
3 Nisz  
4 Theshepherd  
5 Danny-d-b Garrison received
6 narwhalsrnasty Garrison received
7 Stadon Garrison received
8 Vanilla_Dice Garrison received
9 trikk Garrison received
10 Delvan  
11 Gloomy Garrison received
12 Retnab Garrison received



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