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Waldo's Weekly - Money Talks

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Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo couldn’t figure out what to do to bide his time in the office, so he decided to put it up to a vote. What he didn’t expect was the unanimous write-in decision for him to “not burn anything to the ground.”

So, while he figures out other methods of destruction, let’s take a look at the remaining characters in the upcoming Outcast Starter Box!


The Catalan Riflemen make sure that that anything and everything related to the Condor Rails rail system moves forward without a hitch. These cheap, reliable gunmen are loyal to Yannic Waller and the rest of the Catalan Rifle Corps, and since Anya paid for their services, they are now loyal to those with the Syndicate keyword as well.


Leadership of the Catalan Rifle Corps is appointed by vote, and Yannic Waller has been trusted time and time again to steer the mercenary group in the right direction. While she may not be the hardest hitter in the Outcast Starter Box (or even the most expensive model), her Ingenuity and cleverness in the field of battle make her a valuable leader in Henchman Hardcore or a viable option in just about any Outcast or Syndicate crew.


The Outcast Starter Box will include preassembled models, their stat cards, an exclusive Outcast Fate Deck, a measuring widget, and tokens, all for only $45.

Whether you’re an Outcast player looking to add a little bit of ranged to your crew or an Anya player who is looking to Stun your opponents from afar, you’ll be able to pick up the Outcast Starter Box in June!

While you’re waiting, why not follow us on Instagram? We just started up an account over there, and will be posting painted miniatures, classic throwbacks, and more. We’re running a contest now for following us on Instagram, so what do you have to lose?

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4 hours ago, touchdown said:

if you use ingenuity with reference the field guide or tools for the job, do you get the suit of the card you would discard or no suit since you never discarded a card?

you gain the suit of the discarded marker? :P

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The artwork for Yannic and one of the Riflemen look great! But the guy on the left...I dunno. His body position is just off. Maybe if these get released as plastic instead of pre-assembled I'd be more interested, but hard pass for now.

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