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Return to London - TOS vassal event

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The Other Side has returned to the London gaming community.

Thus far we have been playing via vassal to teach the game to new players, learn and just get gaming time. 

We have assembled a hodgepodge group of complete newbies, experienced players and other interested mercenaries. 

This will be a vassal event run over the month of April. Hopefully getting us through the last bit of lockdown where we can take out our toys again in the future. 

There have been a handful of TOS events before but I’m pretty sure getting to 12 participants would put us near the top. Perhaps the Aussies have done it with their events. 

If you cast your eyes down the list you’ll spot the names of folk you wouldn’t have thought would dare try vassal but the lure of TOS was too strong. Even some old faux names you’ve not seen in a while. 

We are doing a game a week, tournament style. Single commander plus 10. 

You’ll also see we have a healthy mix of all factions. 

Looking forward to sharing the details of the event going forward.



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So we are one round through the Return to London TOS Vassal event. We’ve got a mix of experience levels here but definitely a weighting to newer players. 

Round 1 was corner deployment and pitched assault. 

First up we had reigning London champion take on Peter’s Abyssinia with the mighty hordes. This was a high scoring game with both players putting out a lot of damage. But ultimately Luke was the one grabbing the objectives and that made all the difference. 

Tom then took on Andy H’s cult. Tom is normally the TO so was good to see him playing for a change. Tom switched faction at the last minute to bring up the KE numbers. Think this was a bit of a murder fest with the cult being forced to lick their wounds for a future date. 

James introduced Dan’s cult to the “Trevallion” murdering the gorysche early in turn 1 and that set the tone from there. Dan was our last minute addition to even the numbers and think he’s gone from zero games to many quite quickly. 

Dave took an early gamble against Rich that didn’t quite payoff. Quite a close game but think Rich was able to grab more objectives and that split the game in his favour. 

Reice and Andy did their best to bloody each others’ faces. Turns 1-2 it looked like the King’s Empire would take it. But the stormsiren was able to weather the assault and once the fish arrived in the faces of the kings men they were able to squeeze out the victory. Another game where holding the objectives did more than the killing. 

Finally, I faced Rob's Abyssinia with my cult. Turn 1 my doomseekers did horrible things to a unit of steel legion and turn 2 horo arrived to clean up. 

Round 2 begins today.


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Round 2 of the Return to London event is over. This week was scavenge and sideways. 

In an interesting round that saw all the cult face Abyssinia. Most of the hordes and the kings empire had mirror matches!

Dan kicked the week off with a minor victory for the cult over Peter’s Abyssinia. And Rob immediately returned the favour with his Abyssinia bearing Andy H’s cult. 

The middle of the week Andy B showed Dave that his kings empire was the real deal. While Rich and Reice ground out a draw with all the fish. 

The weekend had Tom try an interesting double kings hand list vs Luke’s hordes. Alas the fish proved too much with a decisive victory. Keeping Luke at the top of the table. 

I’m starting to regret giving James an extra day to recover from his covid jab. His Abyssinia doing horrible things to my cult. Despite taking some early losses and running out of troops I managed to keep it being a complete washout. 

Fantastic games all round. 

James and Luke are smashing it out on table one, but due to the tournament scoring some of the others have some outside chances to squeak in. If the stars align. 


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Sorry for the delay, work, real life and other things got in the way of my progress reports!


London has been returned to the forces of earth! The Abyssinia stomped their way to victory. James’ troops making short work of the fishy units of Luke. 
Andy B’s Kings Empire also defeating fish (in this instance those of Rich). Andy uniquely managed to use every single commander available to him. 

Dave’s KE managed a close victory over Rob’s cult. It sounds like this was close on time, if the call of sleep hadn’t beckoned Rob might have been able to leverage the fact that Margaret had been dispatched. 

Peter’s Abyssinia also managed a very tight win over Andy H. Just 3 points between them!

Reice managed to survive an early disadvantage from my cult to spin the game on its head. Largely due to the killing power of some teleporting sharks. Watch those bastards. 

Well done all. Thanks for participating and making the online event a success. 



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