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Assembly Line Tarot Character Creation livestream lottery


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Howdy folks! So y'all have spoken and picked the Assembly Line Tarot to be the next ShadowopalStreamingStuff Character Creation Livestream session. Now we just need a test subject to undergo modification. Nothing serious just replacement of a few limbs.

This will be done as always, post "I wanna be modified" below and I will enter your name in the lottery. Previous lottery winners will not be entered so as to give everyone a fair shake. Entry period will end Monday April 12 at midnight CST.

Winner will set up a convinient time for them with me to get on Skype and create a character using the Assembly Line Tarot within the next month. Once all the Tarot have been filmed, the winners will also be invited to participate in an online campaign to see how their characters hold up.

Assembly Line Tarot Frame Overlay.png

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Congrats to our lucky lottery winner Liliana Valentine!

Liliana and I will discuss when is convenient to create a character for Through the Breach using the Assembly Line Tarot found in the Into the Steam Sourcebook. I will post a link to the livestream channels once we have a date and time selected.

For those who didn't get lottery picked, we still have Waterways, Lifeline and Crossroads to go. Keep watching for the next round. 


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