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Behemoth and Headliner (Puppet) Clarifications


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I have a number of questions regarding the Behemoth and Headliner Pursuits (From Nightmares)

First, the Walking Fortress Talent. I presume it increases the characters Wounds by +1 anytime another Talent is gained that would increase the characters Wounds Derived Aspect by one or more? For instance, with the Unnatural Vigor Talent (Ghoul Pursuit) the character gains +1 Wound for every three steps of the Ghoul Pursuit that she has completed. I think The Walking Fortress Talent would in this case just give the character +1 wound when the Unnatural Vigor Talent is gained, and no more, correct? Also I would guess that It doesn't apply to Talents that increase the characters Wounds indirectly, such as by increasing the Resilience Aspect?

Next, the Tough Enough Talent. It reads that the "temporary Wounds" are not considered permanent Wounds and will not interact with the Walking Fortress Talent, but what about other Talents? For instance, a number of Talents have effects that trigger when the character is at "half health" (Drudge, Painkiller), do the "temporary Wounds" count towards the characters "total health"?

Another example would be if the "temporary Wounds" count as an increase to the Wounds Derived Aspect with respect to the I Am Real Talent of the Headliner Pursuit?

...Which brings us to the Headliner. I Am Real is a very complicated Talent, which I love (Puppets!), and I think it's about as well worded as it could have been without requiring it's very own book =P but I do still have some questions, and I thought that I might as well ask them in the same post.

..."Headliners cannot further increase their Aspects or Derived Aspects except through Bauble Upgrades; any such bonuses offered by advancement or Talents are lost"...

This seems like it could be relatively strait-forward, but I'd like some clarification to be sure. Does this include temporary, or indirect, increases? For instance, does it prevent "Duck And Weave", which is a Trigger, granted by a Talent (Scrapper Pursuit) from providing +1 Defense until the start of the character's next turn? Technically, as written, it does seem to prevent healing (which increases the character's Wounds Aspect after damage has lowered it), is that the reason for the Star Of The Show Talent specifying that "A Headliner cannot be healed except by the Mend Action through the Stitching Skill or any Magia that would restore health to constructs"? ...And while we're at it, is the Star Of The Show Talent intentionally excluding all of the Manifested Powers and Tactical Actions and anything else that would normally be able to heal constructs?

Any answers to these questions or any further information about the way that the Headliner Pursuit works that might not be immediately obvious would be welcome (=

(and sorry if I'm a bit rambling)

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Clarification incoming!


Walking Fortress applies only when characters would specifically gain permanent Wounds from a source; not increased Resilience or anything else that adds Wounds as a side effect. The pursuit step grants +1 Wound once per other Talent, so Walking Fortress would grant +1 Wound from Unnatural Vigor.


Tough Enough's temporary Wounds are a buffer. They do not count as permanent, nor are they ever added when calculating effects regarding a character's total Wounds or health.


Headliners cannot permanently increase their Aspects except through Bauble Upgrades. Temporary increases still apply. They may be healed as normal, as their Wounds aspect wouldn't technically "increase"; it's just returning to its original value after being reduced. Puppets are strange creatures and certainly a bit different from other Constructs. Discuss with your Fatemaster if a Manifested Power/Tactical Action could affect your Puppet. Otherwise, get that Stitching Skill up and study up on some specific Magia!

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