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2021 Monthly Painting Challenge - April

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I'm still in a bit of a rut when it comes to painting Malifaux, and my attempt to paint Abyssinians last month failed miserably. So instead, I'm returning to a favourite;


Yep - it's time to get back to the Gibbering Hordes! I've just got these guys (Barbed Crawlers and Devouring Eel), plus some Yarazi to go before I've finished the Allegiance.  The colour scheme have for them is both fun and easy, so these should be a blast to get through. :)

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On 4/1/2021 at 10:41 AM, Engorn said:

The one brush thingie includes the base? Because I'll ruin my W&N if I apply pigments to the base with it or do drybrush to the final result... And can we use the airbrush along with the brush?

Well, this is my pledge for April.


I was planning on painting the whole Apex keyword, except the Miley Cyrus Rex, and stay in the 70-80SS frame (or around 12 miniatures), but I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able since the last two months I managed doing it by painting the gamins, which are pretty straightforward. So, I'm gonna start with the Lord Cooper's Core Box and let's see if I can do more before the month is over.


It's finished.





Lord Cooper: 15SS

Model 9: 9SS

Artemis: 6SS

Ullr: 6SS

Runaways: 3SS (1SS each)

Total: 39SS

I'm now trying to decide if I paint the rest of the keyword next or if I paint some Infinity models. I hope to have an answer for tomorrow.

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19 hours ago, Engorn said:

I'm now trying to decide if I paint the rest of the keyword next or if I paint some Infinity models. I hope to have an answer for tomorrow.


It is gonna be the rest of Apex miniatures...


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29 minutes ago, Caedrus said:


So many gorgeous models in March and April. I like the almost pitted effect on the Golem’s metalwork. However, that Essence of Power. I would dearly love to know your magenta recipe. The saturation is just delightful. I also love the highlighting on the poison gamin. The shadows to highlights have a massive, beautifully-done contrast.

Let's see if I can remember the recipes... 

For the magenta, if I'm not wrong, it was a base of VMC 70.960 Violet and then it was highlights with different mixes of VMC 70.812 Violet Red, VMC 70.945 Magenta, VGC 72.013 Squid Pink and I think VMC 70.928 Light Flesh for the brightest parts. No exact proportions, just play with the colors on the wet pallet.

I didn't use it, but if you want an extra punch for the magenta, you can always use some VMC 70.735 Magenta Fluoresc. as a glaze.

The poison gamin's green I'm not totally sure of the base color (actually the shadows). I'm hesitating between VMC 70.823 Luftwaffe Cam. Green and VMC 70.850 Medium Olive. I would say it is the Luftwaffe Cam. Green (is a darker color so it should give more contrast with the later colors), but I'm not 100% sure. First light was with VMC 70.967 Olive Green and second light with VMC 70.954 Yellow Green (although, as I applied the color with the airbrush, is possible thatit was VGA 72.733 Light Livery Green, which is almost identical to VMC 70.954 Yellow Gree). I used VGI 72.090 Black Green to outline the shadows.

And I believe that's all... xD

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Thank you for comments. I agree and got similar comments on the armor from my local group as well. I will probably work on other models before coming back to these, since they're tabletop ready (minus bases, which I'll batch do with the crew as a whole)

Still I think the comments will help with future models (and when I come back to these)

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Hey all, I’m new to this painting forum- literally been here 5 minutes. I’ve been painting for a few years and desperately trying to get better. I’ve seen great improvement that’s for sure! @CaedrusI just read through the Challenge rules - unsure if I’ll be making a monthly pledge just yet. Dipping my toes, if you will. I just finished Hinamatsu, Titania, and two Autumn Knights in the last week. I’ll shoot for better photos next time. And maybe actually pledging ;) 





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@LightningJuice, welcome to the Forum!

I feel I can say that we're a pretty informal bunch here. I can definitely say that it is a very supportive and constructive lot of people.
You're very welcome to take part in the Challenge (no hassle), and if you want and critiquing of your technique or work, just let people know and they'll happily do so.




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Aww, thanks @Caedrus! That's very kind of you to say. :)

Anyway, here's a progress update on the Crawlers;


I worked out the scheme for them months ago, when I painted the Morphling (ie. basically both Crawler types squished together). So far they're looking pretty swish for a 4 scrip trash squad. I especially love some of the faces. Like this one - Grumpy Cat's distant ancestor;


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Caedrus, reporting in!

I have some early completions, and I'm pleased to say that my (mostly eBay rescued) Tormented keyword is complete!

First, the Drowned


I find myself wondering if I should do more colour on these guys, rather than going for a 'submerged' look. But, I do like the way they look (as always, water effects look garbage in photographs). Next, the Hanged!


A bit uninteresting, these guys have a halo of colour on their base, which is Caedrus-speak for Incorporeal. Next, the Dead Outlaws!


A bit more interesting a sculpt. It was a bit challenging to get the Tormented-thematic-colour-I-chose (pale, saturated blue) into the scheme, but it's close.

These guys, however, were a lot of fun to paint. I had some airbrush fun, and some finer NMM on the picks. Quite pleased with these Hollow guys.


For the Highlander Challenge, I painted Jaakuna Ubume with my trusty Rosemary and Co, Series 33, Size #1. Here she is:


Once again, water effects look terrible, but I can definitely say that I was pleased with the end miniature. I do love this sculpt. It tells a great story.

Finally, a long term goal was completed, my Avatar of Entropy, which is now an Outcasts alternate Emissary:


The details are a little chunky, but I enjoyed the mini.

For those wanting a completed Keyword shot, here it is:


...and, finally, I managed some slightly better shots of last month's Miss Deed. Still not great, but better than it was...


Whew! That's a lot of painting!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic April, and I'll be back for more updates soon!





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@Caedrus Liking the underwater colour palette also. Photos are super clear as well, water effect not withstanding. :)

I saw a pretty goodtutorial on painting water theme stuff you might be interested in. He basically uses masking and the airbrush to paint ripples onto the back of the model. It's meant to be reflected light, but could easily be the light passing through the water. 

It's here because embedding it makes it huge for some reason.

Underwater is a really cool theme but super hard to sell well. Think you're doing a really good job of it. 



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Alright, April pledge complete. Don't think I will paint any more Faux this month.

Effigy + Emissary + Pandora for a total of: 29 soulstones


In the end I did paint the Effigy using more than 1 brush - needed to drybrush cobblestones on the base :)




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Guys, I don't know, I might just tap out on the Monthly Painting Challenge. The rest of my supposed play group just doesn't give a s***. We all bought out boxes last Summer, and so far I am the only one who has painted models. Half of them haven't even assembled their Core boxes, let alone showed any more interest apart from the initial interest that must have been big enough to spend a few bucks for said core boxes.

This just really kills my motivation to paint Malifaux models, and it certainly doesn't help that I started getting into another miniatures game which I will not mention...

So yeah. Looks bleak.

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