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Flesh Wounds Clarification


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The "Flesh Wounds" Talent of the Painkiller Pursuit (From Nightmares, page 102) reads as follows:

"When this character suffers Severe damage, she gains Focused +1. If she is below half health (rounding up), this character does not end her Focused Condition at the end of her turn. During her turn, this character may also discard a card to gain Focused +1 (to a maximum of Focused +3)."

My question, since I'm not sure, is if the character can only discard a card for the Focused Condition when she is below half health? The wording isn't completely clear about whether the part about being below half health applies to just the Focused Condition not ending at the end of the turn, or if that also applies to being able discard a card for Focused +1?

I feel like there should be a paragraph break, or it should read: "...Focused Condition at the end of her turn, and during her turn, this character may also discard..."

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