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We always need quite a lot longer for our TOS games than what the rulebook suggests. And from what I heard that's quite usual for casual players that don't have the option to play regularly. 


To put it simple, a 2 Commander game takes too long. We rarely have the time for that. We usually simply add more units, but it feels kinda unbalanced. If we add 10 Scrip and another Commander, the Commanders are kinda overpowering the normal units. If we just add more units, the Commander role can become a bit too minor and with some units, it can get a bit too easy to remove your opponent's commander


Because of that we would love something like a weaker Commander that adjusts based on the actual Commander. Like he could gain something in the direction of the Mine Control Device if he is coupled with Unathi. 


Maybe some here have similar, better ideas? I know there are more important things rn anyway, but I still would love such an addition to TOS

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I've often tried single commander games with an extra 10 scrip, which I think strikes a good balance between the standard 1 commander and 2 commander games. For us, it's not felt unbalanced, and the commanders still feel relevant. If anything it's been better than playing a 1 commander game, especially for an elite army like Abyssinia. 

One thing I would recomend though, is adding Samantha Thrace or Binh Nguyen for those larger games. Those extra Tactics tokens help alot. 


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