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Has anyone had much luck running Binh with the Cult?

I would like the additional token battery and the rest of his stats seem pretty good too. Not as obvious a pick as Thrace for Earth factions but seems decent. 

Clearly, there’s not quite the same synergy as you get in Hordes. My concern is that he might get left behind or stranded as he can’t use the portals. But Adeodatos can bring him across the board if needed, but that’s probably a run back rather than forwards just based on how I’m using Adeodatos. 

Any strategies you’ve found to make him work? 

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You're right - you definitely need a plan for Binh otherwise in a Cult list, he's at risk of being left behind while everyone else dives through the portals. That said, he's not as hard to protect as you might think.

For one, pairing him up with Doomseekers and advancing toward a centerline objective is a good way to go. The range and teleportation tricks inherent to the Doomseekers mean they're often a good unit to advance on foot, shoot something and then teleport another unit (eg. Warped, Twisted Horrors) in front of them. Binh is fast enough to keep up with them, so it's an easy way to keep him safe, while remaining useful in later turns for claiming objectives or murdering fireteams. 

Also, keep in mind that Binh is fast enough to reach  portal markers located near the centreline if he needs to. So even if his bodyguard teleports through a marker, that doesn't mean Binh won't be able to stay close enough to a friendly squad to remain safe. 

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That’s a useful perspective. My plan had been to keep him behind a unit of broken. I tend to use them to hold locations and feed me cards so not as flighty as the rest. But helpful to have the options of doomseekers too. 

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One thing to keep in mind with Binh is his Spirit Lantern ability means we're basically playing with only half of his card right now, when the other Court models come out it might totally change what he wants to do on any given turn

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I’ve had a few games with Binh now. I am sold. The tactics tokens alone are probably worth it. 

He’s often able to hold his ground way more than would be expected (sometimes due to lucky card draw) and that can be critical. In one game he prevented a unit of welshmen getting to an objective due to his position and two buildings. Since it was pitched assault that was massive. 

In another game he got in the middle of a group of Abyssinia units including Kassa and mech infantry to do his bomb. My opponent was already under pressure and this meant the Walker went down before it could shoot that turn. Relieving pressure elsewhere for me. 

He’s fairly self sufficient. I just need to perfect the art of getting him to the right place - I’ve been spoiled with portals for the rest of the crew. But for him his initial placement seems quite important. 

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