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Regarding "Silver Lining"


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I have been perusing the new From Nightmares book (very pleased to finally have it 😁) and I am wondering about the wording on the "Silver Lining" Talent featured in the Harrowed Pursuit on page 85-86. It reads:

"...whenever a friendly character within (Aura) 6 would discard a card, that character immediately heals 1 damage..."

My question is, if the character would discard a card, but doesn't, does the healing still occur? For instance, if an effect would force a character to discard a card (such as the "Deepest Fears" Trigger on the Sinister Insanity) but they have no cards left in their hand? Or if they use a Talent like either "Fates Messenger" or (more worryingly) "The Price" which lets them suffer damage instead of discarding a card?

Personally, I don't think that this should be the case, in spite of the fact that the wording seems to support the interaction, the combination of "Silver Lining" and "The Price" (From Nightmares page 102) would essentially mean free discard, which would be very imbalanced. I'll likely play it as if it doesn't work, but I just thought I should bring the question up for discussion.

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