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An Actual IRL Battle Report! Cooper vs McCabe


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Hey folks, gonna try to put some battle reports on here since I'm lucky enough to get some IRL games in against my dad (we're both vaccinated). Let me know if this is an approachable format or if you have any changes you'd like me to make! I've also posted this to the Facebook group so apologies if you've already seen it there! 
I took my slippery Cooper Crew (Cooper w/hidden agenda, runaways, artemis, ullr, Bellhop, Vatagi w/flush with cash, Crypsis, and Model 9)
Against: gunline McCabe (McCabe, Luna, Sidhir, Fuhatsu, Desper, Yasunori, Dawn Serpent)
Turn 1: Everyone moves up and not too much happens. A runaway gets killed by Fuhatsu and McCabe gets the Blade.
Turn 2: Things get crazy when Model 9 does his usual insane nonesense (charges, throws his knife, hits a mask on the duel and then red jokers the damage flip against McCabe, gets a free move into base contact and a bonus attack off the mask trigger. Then hits the execute trigger on his second attack doing 4 more damage to McCabe and costing him a card.) Model 9 then eats pretty much everyone's attacks and barely survives due to friendly fire issues/line of sight concerns with Sidhir and Fuhatsu.
On the right flank, Yasunori drops off a bomb marker and Artemis gets into Desper which delays him from crossing the centerline. Vatagi throws around some pit traps and crypsis does nothing.
We each score one strategy, I get an additional point for assassinate.
Turn 3:
Things come to a quick end. McCabe takes a potshot at Model 9 (fails) and then runs to score Outflank and drops a scheme marker for Ley Lines. Model 9 then kills horsey McCabe and runs away from the murderbox of Sidhir and Fuhatsu. Dawn Serpent gives chase and I burn my last soulstone for a lucky severe to keep him alive. Then the BELLHOP PORTER yeets Model 9 into safety with "I've got your back" and Fuhatsu puts 6 damage on Cooper. Cooper takes that personally and kills Yasunori with the help of a double crit strike shot from the Crypsis Corps.
Artemis and the Vatagi team up to murder Desper and at that point my opponent concedes.
He had no way to score outflank or Ley Lines with his entire right flank dead, I had more bombs on the field plus his leftover bombs from Desper and was about to score assassinate for full points. The game would have ended for him (best case scenario) 5:2 with me scoring all 4 strat points and assassinate while not getting outflank and him getting one strat point and probably one ley line.
Big Takeaways:
Model 9 is mandatory. He's so unbelievably versatile and tanky. Every single game he is an absolute monster, causing so much trouble. Cooper marks a model with adversary and model 9 runs in there to just mess. them. up.
Cooper needs a bodyguard at all times and I like the Bellhop Porter's ability to not only give shielded but also pull people out of combat.
This lets me use Ullr more flexibly by jumping him around the board for the low low cost of one card. He's surprisingly sneaky and leaping him over to Artemis or Model 9 lets you project power anywhere on the table.
The Crypsis Corps is still kinda iffy for me- the built in trigger is fantastic but stat 5 is just hard to get over for me. Cooper's crew seems to be less of a static gunline and more of a reactive stiletto. That being said, Crypsis is a great backfield protector with a 24" shot that can help stop scheme runners too weak to waste Cooper activations
Vatagi continues to do Vatagi things like draw cards and chuck pit traps around. Also a great minion for Flush With Cash because when cooper shoots a runaway within 6" you get TWO soulstones and that's insane. Plus the hand control is absolutely mandatory.
I underestimated Artemis. The nimble walk and 2/3/5 damage track with some solid triggers means she can ruin other scheme runners and if you're in trouble, just call over Ullr and now you've got the upper hand.
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