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Waldo's Weekly - Deep Sleep

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Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo looked particularly well-rested. When we asked him what his trick to getting a good night’s sleep was, he told us flat out that he was so good at sleeping that he could do it with his eyes closed.  

So while Waldo catches some Z’s, let’s take a moment to celebrate the release of Through the Breach’s latest expansion, From Nightmares!   

The Neverborn-focused sourcebook has only been out in the wild for a week, and we’re beaming from the positive comments the expansion has already received. The project was a labor of love, and we can’t wait to hear about the new Fated characters you all make and the stories you’ll tell.

We know that not everyone has had the opportunity to get their hands on From Nightmares yet, which is why we are releasing the digital PDF of the book on DriveThruRPG today for $25!


But that’s not all we’re releasing on DriveThruRPG today. The Through the Breach Spell Deck is a fantastic resource for Fated and Fatemaster alike, and we’re bundling all of the Magia and Immuto in From Nightmares as print-on-demand cards to expand those options even further.




This bundle will also include all of the Magia and Immuto from Above the Law, as well! You can find the bundle of cards on DriveThruRPG right now for only $10.

From Nightmares is available now at your FLGS or on DriveThruRPG and will be available on the Wyrd webstore starting April 1st.  7

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