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Greetings, everyone!

I put together the last pieces for my Honeypot keyword with soothing Victorian Era ambience music playing in the background and I have to say: Gwyneth Maddox, Malifaux's most charming Luck Thief, gave me quite a hard time! Lots of small, fiddly bits like glueing hands to wrists, or the tiny derringer.. It felt like The Party Never Ends. ;)

And the assembly instructions didn't help all that much, since they only show the front and, well it's a 2D picture trying to explain how to put together a 3D sculpt. And they don't give you the correct sequence, which resulted in me having to rip off part of her skirt again before it was completely glued to the rest. She turned out fine in the end though, thanks to my girlfriend having smaller and more skilled hands than me.

I suppose I might just not be as skilled or well-equipped as some of you guys, but this one was seriously hard. And I'm not looking forward to Youko..

Well, what about you? Any stories to share on Malifaux assembly nightmares? Which sculpts did you find the hardest to put together? 

PS: Still utterly love the models, even Gwyneth! ❤


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