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2021 Monthly Painting Challenge - March

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Here are my first miniatures for March: 

Mindless Zombies. As I already painted 2 of those during the end of March it's only 6 Stones.

As a side note I also fullfilled the challenge for this month with one of the Zombies:


One of Asura's constant companions was painted with the three base colors+black+white only. And while I was a bit afraid of the challenge, the outcome is quite nice, though. 

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Hi there! i finished the Emissary! painting the guy and the trinkets in the baskets was a serious steady-hand test, i didn't do great, but i didn't have to correct many things after    At the en

First of all congrats to all of you who managed this month's challenge, i'm seeing very good results 🙌 @Harlekin i think that your work with the mourner is amazing.  I really like the clash betwe

@Caedrus, the job is done. A total of 77SS this month. 10SS for the metal golem. 15SS for the three metal gamins (5SS each). 4SS for the essence of power. 24SS

Posted Images

Well finally giving these primaries a go and have the benefit of starting with my Lord Cooper box. 

If all goes well I will extend to paint more and more of the box content with just primaries. 



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15 hours ago, Harlekin said:

Great work @Brushgit

Here are my next 6 Stones for March:
I am not too fond of her. Was mainly experimenting with kinda 50 shades of grey. Maybe she will get an overhaul in the near future but I will leave her for now and see if I can do better on the second one with different colors and techniques. 

I really like what you did on most of this models. I don't think she needs an overhaul at all. 3 possible points of improvement:

1) the white veil transparency effect (this is super hard to do though). You can push too titanium white here imo. Also maybe introducing an othe color as a glaze to sell the translucent nature of the veil could help (this is  above my pay grade).

2) the highlight on the robe. This one is easier. I think you can push them a little bit more.

3) the greens band on the hat. This is a personal taste thing, but for me it's to brigh for this models. Also, I don't like the use of a spot color in the general esthetic of this model. I Would use the same color as the belt. If you want to keep the green, you can desaturated so it will be more subtle.

Good job!

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Thanks for the feedback.

@Brushgit I am not too fond of the brownish grey, especially on the upper body. It lacks depth/shadows. Will probably just do some dark grey glazes to solve that. The contrast in style between base and model was something I was actually looking for to emphasize the desaturated colors on the model compared to others in the (Redchapel) crew. 

@SEV 1) good point. I might think about it. I imagined the veil as not being translucent as the Mourner is hiding something truly hideous behind this veil. But adding a greenish or redish glow from behind the veil might enhance the strangeness of this... thing. 
2) I decided against strong highlights on purpose as the model is meant to be in grey-ish flat colors. In strong contrast to most of my other Redchapel models with their bright colors.
3) Same here: it is about the contrast. All my Rezzer models get something green, sometimes a detail, other times it's relevant parts of the model. In this case I wanted to make the green pop to really pop compared to everything else on the model (same for the flowers on the base).

I guess my main issue is that the colors don't come together this nicely. But at the moment I have no idea about how to solve this without doing a full overhaul.

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45 minutes ago, Diddick said:

here's a couple of WiPs

Wow, very impressive. I like how you handle the different tones and textures. This miniature has so much going on that I am still a bit afraid of putting it on my painting desk.

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1 hour ago, Harlekin said:

Wow, very impressive. I like how you handle the different tones and textures. This miniature has so much going on that I am still a bit afraid of putting it on my painting desk.

Thanks!   i felt the same way, but I faced the mini as an exercise on textures, this motivated me to finally work on it.

left the guy and all the knick-knacks for the end because  i fear the moment to paint the face and the stuff in the baskets 😆

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I am enjoying a lot the miniatures shown so far, great job!

Here is my primary colors challenge mini:


I had fun while mixing and paintig (thank you @lusciousmccabe for the tip with the recipe, it turned out well), but I had to paint it in 3 different days and matching the same color was a bit of a pain xD


I am ok with the result, but not thrilled really. I've got to start learning more textures, because ir turned out quite boring and eveeything looks the same and does not look like stone.

I hope to post some more minis this month, since I will get to play a non-vassal game (hurray!), and we punish with a free SS for the opponent for each unpainted model.




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Caedrus, reporting in!

Here's a quick WIP for you all. I made a great start on my March painting, with the Tormented keyword being my objective. I've 90% finished most of the core box, which was an eBay rescue. My objective in this painting is to experiment with the best way to portray an incorporeal miniature. To that end, I started with Lady Ligeia, which I painted as a spectral figure:


The tones at the bottom were to try to give the impression of the floorboards underneath, but I'm not sure of that has translated well. I'm pleased, however, with the overall miniature. So, from there, I kept that spectral blue as my thematic colour. For the rest of the tormented, I've tried to portray their presence as being almost ghost-like. So, I've painted them as being pale, desaturated and mostly white, but tried painting the rest of the miniature in bolder, saturated colours. Did it work? I'm not sure. Here they are, so far (apologies for the bad photography):


Jack Daw is a bit ... uninspiring as a miniature. It seems like it should be an evocative miniature, and there's nothing wrong with the pose, but it doesn't grab me.


Of course, Montresor has to be in black.


So, I have the rest of the tormented ready nearby. In the meantime, however, I've completed the March challenge, and painted an unexpected Madame Sybelle:


...and here's how she turned out.


Those are some big, red buttocks.

Finally, I have started Miss Deed. This photo is dreadful, and you can expect something much better soon!


As always, your feedback is very, very welcome. I'll be giving some feedback myself as well!

In the meantime, I hope everyone is having a great March. Keep putting pigment to plastic!


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1 hour ago, Caedrus said:

As always, your feedback is very, very welcome.

Not much feedback but I wonder about the gap in Mdme Sybylles neck. You're such a good painter, did you just ignore the gap?


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This weekend's output is

Mortimer. Busy as always to retrieve some spare parts. 

Another 8 Stones for this month. 
I have some hope for being able to finish another miniature until the end of the month.


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Hey everyone! 

Here are some Malifaux models I've been painting for @hemgath

Metal Gamin : 5ss

Eternal Flame : 2ss

Wind Gamin x3 : 18ss

Envy : 7ss

Steam Arachnid x3 : 9ss

For a total of 41ss







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