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Hi all of you!

It finally happened und my bro @Harlekin convinced me to start my first Malifaux Warband.

Now we're playing a thematic campaign, where my group of Saloon-Ladies (performers, I'm converting them a bit to get a more 'Moulin Rouge meets Steampunk'-Look) try to take over the local 'entertainment-business' from his undead girls (redchapel, mainly dead doxies and similar stuff).

As a complete newby to Malifaux, I'm very proud, that I achieved 2 draws out of 2 campaign-games. Nonetheless most of my girls ended up with their first permanent injury.

Long story short, here are my first finished minis (I know, they aren't real performers, but they look so Steampunk and awesome and were fast to paint), two Soulstone Miners. The models are 'Clockwork Worms', 3D designed by RocketPigGames:




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At the moment I'm working on THE most beautiful Malifaux Mini out there:

Angelica Durand

Man, that sculpt is AWESOME. Here are some pictures of my greenstuff-work on her before priming. I wanted to add some gears to her head for more 'Steampunk', as well as filling some gaps.

I also repositiones her right leg a bit for a more open and straight upward pose, for this I also had to lenghen her fancy cane.

The right hand got on the stick and I cut off her 'claw hand' (?) to achieve a more Bourlesque stance in my oppinion.20210201_184446.thumb.jpg.7bd8597c3e814bd54d931dce380f68e4.jpg Maybe I manage to finish painting her today.




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You really movin' into my town? Seriously? You wanna start this war with your bunch of lazy gals? 
So, be it. You have been warned.

Always remember that you started this, while my ladies just were conducting their reputable business. 

You want it, you get it!

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As the local entertainment-business seems to realise the futility of their resistance, I'm working on my 'Showgirl'.


Here at the 'Rail Salloon' we have no prejudices and serve every preference of our customers. So this severe teacher got converted a bit and will join my crew once she is painted.



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After suffering a huge defeat against @Harlekinyesterday, I have my second showgirl for you:

My sheep Dolly, a reference to the glorious movie 'A Million Ways to die in the West':





Only Cassandra left to paint, then I can play my first campaign game fully painted.

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4 hours ago, Rainer Statistiker said:

After suffering a huge defeat against @Harlekinyesterday

Madam Sybelle told your girls not to come into her town to play your foul games with our honorable customers. There you have it. You might have been lucky enough to have a few of our townfolk read your advertising signs. Sybelle and her respectable ladies will take care about that no happening, again. 

More spare parts are always welcome, so, please don't hesitate sending over any leftovers of your miserable Performers. 🧟‍♀️

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37 minutes ago, Rainer Statistiker said:

This time just some terrain for our Wild West themed little settlement, that we fight over:


You fight. My honorable ladies defend their propert... neighborhood. 

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20 minutes ago, Harlekin said:

You fight. My honorable ladies defend their propert... neighborhood. 

My ladies haven't attacked ANYBODY, they just hand out flyers and place some advertising signs.

If your girls are allready in fear of loosing their customers, I can't help them 😊

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1 minute ago, Rainer Statistiker said:

they just hand out flyers and place some advertising signs.

"Handing out flyers" like in "throwing a 24 pound package of flyers at my girls' heads"? If so then, yes, your girls just "hand out flyers". 
But as you already might have recognized. Madame Sybelle knows about her obligations and does her very best to keep her beloved neighbors safe from your abominable attacks at the life - and moral - of those poor citizens of Drywater. 😇

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Hi guys!


As I haven't painted much the last weeks, I wanna show you some pictures of our last games.

The campaign we're playing is about my crew preparing the small settlement of Drywater - at the outer territories of Malifaux City - for the arrival of my Saloon on rails.


20210328_162623.thumb.jpg.8694adf94f6747b2fcc944110fe16eb8.jpg Cassy vs. Sybelle.



My Showgirl advances.



The pug, that my Manequin is carrying, has made a 💩 (aka Scheme Marker) on the Layline.


It didn't go well for Cassy, Angy, Dolly and the rest against the undead 'whorehouse-crew' lead by MadammeSybelle and played by @Harlekin
. I've managed to get 2 ties before losing 3 games 🙈.


After finishing my first Bounty of leaving my mark (advertising signs aka Scheme Markers) across the town, my ladies now have an Escort Service (they have to escort one mini to the enemy deployment zone).


In the last game Sybelle and her undead staff were attacking my site, where my ladies were trying to prepare everything for the soon arriving railcar saloon.



Cassy and a Coryphee are moving in to support a Showgirl at a corrupted idol.



The mayor is summonig lots and lots of mindless zombies.

I still haven't figured out how to stop her 😵 with my performers.

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