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The ES Starter Box


The Hopeful Prospects can replace themselves with a "Minion that shares a Keyword with this crew's leader."

If Nagatorro is your leader, can the Prospects replace themselves with Botanists?

If Versatile counts as a Keyword for that purpose, and since the Ability doesnt mention Faction, can the Prospect replace itself with any Versatile Minion in the game?

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Versatile isn't a keyword, it is a characteristic, unfortunately (notice the text on the card is different, Versatile is in italics).

So for the starter box, the replace function doesn't do anything. You have to wait til your first core box to make use of it. It does make it a bit strange of a starter box, but they had a lot of soulstone limitations so I assume that's why.

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The rules reference, for the difference:


Characteristics & Keywords: Both Characteristics and Keywords are referenced by the game rules and the Actions and Abilities of models. Characteristics are presented in italics, while Keywords are presented in capital letters. Keywords are also used when hiring a Crew.

So, on the card it would have to be VERSATILE (in caps) to be a keyword.

The keywords like Living, Undead, and Versatile are defined by their effects in the various rules where they're relevant, instead of being defined all in one place (or a few places) like the previous edition.  But, it's called the Versatile Characteristic as referenced in the crew hiring rules.

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