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Lady J - My Students are Scared!

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Hi all! 

I've an upcoming game against Lady J, I'm playing Von Schtook. I've had a tough time vs Guild so far, and this is my first time playing against the Lady herself. 

Any tips, tricks, condolences for dealing with her? 

Much appreciated. The Strat is Recover evidence. 

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I've gained some more experience with LJ since my post. Largely they confirmed my assumptions. 

If you can get LJ off the board early, imho it's a worthwhile endeavour, even though it is resource intensive. The issue with that: A good opponent might not fall for your bait. Therefore at least look out for gaining some kind of advantage from your positioning if they don't take it. 

Also be wary of positioning your crew to close to each other or LJ might go on a murder spree. You can utilize Transmortis' strong mobility to close in regardless of that. Also don't try to body block her. In combination with Anna it might have a small impact, but most likely it won't do much. If you can't kill her, staying away is much better against her. Her mobility is pretty high though, so you won't be able to for long. 

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You have multiple models in the Von Schtook crew who can very reliably stun Lady J - specifically the Valedictorian and the Student of Sinew. I would make sure these models keep her stunned  and reserve your highest two cards for this every round until she's dead. If Lady J is stunned she really can't do much to you. 

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