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Vinny's big Malifaux project log

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Since I’m on call this weekend and therefore functionally living at the hospital, I won’t be able to get much painting done :( 

But I’m off to a pretty good start on Yan Lo’s crew! This is a fairly potato pic but I try not to get out the good camera until the whole keyword is finished! 

Currently working on Genbu the Armor (because big turtles >> reanimated boring armor*) and then it’ll be time for Yin and Manos! 

*plus I feel like Izamu is gonna be an excellent competition piece if Wyrd decides to run another one in the near future. He’ll get a special base and everything! 


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Excellent, amazing work, and in such a small amount of time! 😃 

I have only one very small point of criticism: Toshiro is a little too green for my taste. He's even greener than the turtle. But that's just a question of color scheme, not of skill or technique.

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Hey folks, time for another fun semi-weekly update! Unfortunately this time I don't have any fancy pictures of crews/models since all I painted this week was the Oni keyword and honestly I didn't feel like they really deserved the fancy picture treatment yet. Maybe I'll change my mind later. 


But! Here are some pictures of my home Malifaux set-up on a repurposed pool table. It's just enough room for a board, some terrain, and almost all my crews! 


Next up... Zoraida Core box and Jesse Halliday/friends. I also made the plunge and preordered all the English Ivan models. 


Yan Lo vs McCabe - Imgur (1).jpg

Yan Lo vs McCabe - Imgur.jpg

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It's been a busy busy month which hasn't left me a whole lot of time to paint, but since today is my day off, I figured I'd paint up a few Malifaux models before my weekly game against my father haha. This'll be our first time with 50ss completely painted crews and I'll be sure to get some pictures to post here! Hopefully soon we'll all be able to get some IRL games going.


Goal for the remainder of the month: finish all my 10 Thunders models before DUA/Umbra comes out! 


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Oh man so it’s been a crazy few weeks and unfortunately I haven’t gotten much Malifaux painting done (too busy trying to crank out my last few skaven models).

But what I did do was paint up a ton of bases and then have a buddy paint some malifaux models for me. And here are the results! He’s a brilliant painter and now I can add Lynch to my list of crews as well as cross off a bunch of ten thunders versatiles. 

I’m very much looking forward to painting up English Ivan annnnnd I just recently got my hands on a HUGE haul of old M2E models that I’ll start working my way through after I finish my skaven army. 






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And in a flurry of activity, I've finished off the English Ivan core box! Already posted this in a few other places so sorry if it's old news. Basic idea was to do a strong white zenithal highlight and then gradually darken things with contrast paint before adding some directional lighting also with contrast.


To keep things fresh, all the living crew have lamps on their bases while all the shadows are entirely in darkness. Thought it would be kind of fun to do a thing where it's Ivan and friends in the shadow realm where they have to stay in the light to prevent being attacked by the shadows. Of course this falls apart if my opponent's models also have lamps on their bases but there's only so much I can do. Just waiting now for another Wyrdscape lamp set to arrive (Wyrd please make more things like this- I'd love to see malifaux basing kits with like random boxes/chests/other bits to add to bases). 



best one.jpg



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