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Reinforcement Token Generation tactics?

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Played my first game with GH, and I feel like I might be missing something in regards to Reinforcement tokens.  Many GH models have ways to use them, but actually generating them is much harder.  Am I supposed to spend turn 1 doing a bunch of token generation orders, then go in swinging turn 2?  Or is there an engine I'm missing?

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First thing's first - GH are the kind of army that benefits from sprinting up the board ASAP to take objectives early, deny your opponent territory and generally just get in their face. They are, after all a melee focused army that take up a ton of space on the board - not taking advantage of that would be a mistake!

Thus, I wouldn't recommend spending Turn 1 on Focused effort to generate Reinforcement Tokens (henceforth known as RTs) for Turn 2 onwards. Instead, save the Focused Effort for when your units are already in position and don't need to move that activation. The only exception to this is Karkinoi. In turn 1 I'll generally keep these guys still, to gain a RT and improve their chances of pooping out 2-3 Eggs. Those Eggs can then be eaten by your key units to flip them to Glory (with a 50% chance to gain a RT themselves). IMO the Karkinoi's egg-spawning is so important to setting up your first turn that it's worth holding them back for this reason, and advancing later as a second wave. 

As for how else to generate RTs, I've already mentioned the Egg Clutches, and liberal use of them should net you a steady, if unreliable trickle of RTs across your army (remember they can be re-summoned with Endless Hordes). The other key tech piece are Speckled Crawlers. When flipped to Glory, they'll generate two RTs per activation, and units that activate nearby can take one of those RTs for themselves. So if you want to load RTs onto one of you units, make sure they're escorted by a squad of Speckled Crawlers.

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