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2021 Monthly Painting Challenge - February


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Super impressive work this month, y'all. The creativity and originality of this group is always motivating.

I finished the 1988 crew which was a real nightmare to assemble. Had to get creative.





I also managed to complete the Blood Hunter in a day. Today, in fact. 


And I completed Von Schtook, using the undercoat method.


He's getting a wood slat base soon, maybe tomorrow.

@Caedrus That's 33ss for me, thanks.

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So I've got a bit of a good news/bad news situation today. The good news is that I've painted a tonne of stuff his month! The bad news is that none of it is Malifaux/TOS...



Yep - that's a full Dwarf army for Kings of War, about 3/4 of which i painted this month.  :) Granted, it includes 21 Steam Arachnids, but i don't think they'd count!

Anyway, i have made *some* progress on a trio of Wrastlers, so hopefully I'll be able to finish them off in the next (looks at clock)... 5 1/2 hours. 😬

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On 2/24/2021 at 5:42 PM, Ja9nge said:

I have constructed and painted a couple of Bayou houses from Balsa wood. I also made a couple of barricades.  How many points are they worth?


@Caedrus I claim 25 SS for February: Scatter terrain (5SS) + two focus pieces (20 SS). 

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2 hours ago, lusciousmccabe said:

@Rathnard Love the inclusion of steam Arachnids. Reminds me of those steampunk dwarf ruins from Morrowind. 

You know that never even occured to me but now you mention it...yeah - they definitely give a strong Dwemer vibe!

2 hours ago, Engorn said:

They still are Wyrd models. I can't see why the shouldn't count...

Well I'll leave that to Caedrus. I'm fine either way since...


...I just managed to finish the Wrastlers in time (sorry for the poor quality pic)! I wasn't too excited about getting these boys done but now they're finished, I'm pretty satisfied with the overall aesthetic.

Anyway, @Caedrus - you can put me down for 15 SS this month, or 78 SS if you feel it's appropriate to include the 21 improperly based steam arachnids! 

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Great work everyone, I am enjoying the challenges quite a bit and this thread keeps me motivated to fight against my pile of shame =D

@Rathnard I think the spiders really fit that dwarf army. Love the scenic bases btw!


I managed to squeeze a couple of hours and here is the finished archer:




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@Caedrus Originally pledged 2 mature nephilim and a blood hunter for Feb.  Did not finish the blood hunter and ended with 20ss.

I have a tendency to underhighlight so this time I pushed it to the point of being uncomfortable.  C&C would be welcomed.



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And here are my 2 Mindless Zombies for the special challenge for this month. 


With more time spent on those two miniatures should have led to better results. On the other hand, it's only 2 Stones per Zombie. 

Bete Noire + 2 Rotten Belles + 2 Mindless Zombies => 22 Stones for February

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@Woody71 Nephilim look great. You can't really overhighlight something unless you've lost the mid-tones. Tricky part is finding room for all those levels of lighting. 

What can help a lot is further darkening the shadows in areas where the model would shadow itself (inner thighs, armpits etc.) as that will make the highlights in other areas appear brighter than comparison. 

I wouldn't call your current Nephilim underhighlighted though. 

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