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2021 Monthly Painting Challenge - February

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@CaedrusMy February pledge is complete. Three LaCroix raiders for 15ss and Sir Charles Edmonton (15ss) for 30ss total. I'm still working on some Dragoons for my King's Empire Army. I'm hoping to get t

So, Jakob Lynch is done, which means the Core Box is complete. Pictures aren't vrry kind to my paint jobs.. Edit: Almost forgot: @Caedrus 15 Soulstones done. Will probably try to a

Got a decent amount of work done on my Apex Crew. And a fisherman to use as a proxy for a Harpooner And of course no apex crew is complete with out a model that overhangs

Posted Images

I'm not going to stop right now, so here's the rest of minis I'm pledging for February. The ice gamins are what I intend to paint to fulfill the challenge. I believe I can paint the three of them in a single day.




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My february challenge is going horrible. I have a hard time getting any work done. I managed to sneak in a Union Miner recently, but I still have 3 days so fingers crossed!





EDIT: not super happy about Saboteur but will do.

@Caedrus I have 2 Union Miners and a Saboteur. 15SS

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@Caedrus Macuahuitl defintely looks like rock/crystal of some sort. Although with some minor tweaking you could have a cool lightning sword.

Palette really reminds me of this.

Lightning Bolt | Wiki | MTG Amino


Is the copper armour a bit shiny? Some spots look completely spot-on (left leg plate for example) but some parts have light reflecting in the shadows that give it more of a plastic kind of fell.

Rafkin is fucking class for a speed paint. Glow looks fine apart from being too strong on his face. NMM on the knife is convincing and stylish, as are the shoe buckles (seriously, that much effort on a shoe buckle?) and all the different fabrics have amount of contrast and finish to them. Fair play to you!


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On 2/12/2021 at 3:56 PM, Engorn said:

Well, those are completed. I'll be pledging more miniatures this weekend.






On 2/22/2021 at 8:33 PM, Engorn said:

Those are completed too.

Oxfordian mages...


...wind gamins...


...and ice gamins.


The ice gamins are the miniatures I painted for the February challenge. I know it was a miniature in a single day, but I painted three miniatures in a single day (in a single hour actually).

cAk3W11.jpg zfZJo4a.jpg


@Caedrus This is my work of February. 

  • 15ss for Sandeep
  • 7ss for Banasuva
  • 8ss for Kandara
  • 18ss for the 3 Oxfordian mages (6ss each)
  • 18ss for the 3 Wind gamins (6ss each)
  • 12ss for the 3 Ice gamins (4ss each)

That is a total of 78ss.

Actually I painted the Mysterious Effigy too, but I didn't post a before picture. It is worth 4ss, so, if it counts, the should be 82ss instead of 78ss.


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And... Finally starting the month challenge!


Wish ne luck, since I've got plenty of things to do today, but I will manage to paint an archer as Misaki requires reinforcementa and we do not want to disapoint the Boss.🤫😚


I envy you guys, the entries this far look great!

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