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2nd Guild crew after Sonnia?

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Hi everyone,

As a genuine plastic addict i could not resist a 2nd hand Sonnia Criid crew.
With 2 additional (versatile) purchases I now have:

  • Sonnia core set
  • Witching Hour
  • Pale Rider
  • Steward

Which gave me solid start (I think?) into Guild.

The lot was half-painted already so I ammaking very good progress and will have a painted crew after this weekend.
Which leads me to the question in the topic title:

"Which crew would you recommend as a 2nd crew within Guild after the Witch Hunters? " (and why?)

(pic attached to show progress. WIP mind you)

Sonnia crew.jpg

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Go on Hoffman. Sonnia has independant models, but is not the best choice in a killing heavy scheme : you die too easily. With Hoffman, you will have a bubble battle heavy crew with lots of damage absorption and healing.

On the other hand you can also go on reporter to handle more easily the scheme heavy games.

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I would recommend that you pick up which crew you like aesthetically the most.  I think that advice will be pretty common as most people find motivation to paint/play with stuff they like.  If you like the way everything looks (definitely a possibility) I would recommend perhaps Lady Justice as she is a strait forward master that is more focused on killing your opponents models.  Dashel is another good option but be aware he is a summoner so your plastic addiction will be tested. Lucius is a favorite of mine (story-wise) but he is more tricky to use and you may have a harder time getting mileage out of him and his keyword.  

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Sonnia was my first because when I got into Malifaux I saw the burning totem and thought.... that's the crew for me. I moved onto Lady J, then Nellie because I loved the sculpts (death marshals) or the theme (reporters). I am by no means a competitive player, so my recommendation would be pick what you think looks good/cool first and then get some supplement models to help out second.

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