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Board size for small format

Aregan V

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You can play on a smaller size if you want, it will make a little difference. I can't remember the war cry size, but I think it's a rectangle, in which case I'd suggest using the long sides for deployment. So you can shrink the deployment zones, but the area between the two is still close to the official. I wouldn't want to play games narrower than two foot as I think that forces the crews together, and it turns the game into too much of a just kill each other game, but that's just my opinion. 

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I think other sizes are okay for starters, but game balance will change a LOT on funky shape maps. For instance, for some encounters, I can exactly pull off an attack against an opposed enemy leyline on wedge deployment, and only on wedge deployment.

Changing how fast models can get around the board will be tricky. For example, on a 2x2 map, Archie can get to any spot on the board from most spots on the board and still make two attacks. Same with Dead Rider. English Ivan can nuke things from 17" away, etc.

So if you're planning on playing regular games, I definitely recommend a 3x3 map. But to start out, whatever is fine.

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