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New players adventure

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Hi guys , have persuaded my family to play Ttb ( lockdowns good for something ehh?) wondering if you’ve got any advice on a starting adventure? Thinking ideally starting with them on the train as they know almost nothing about the setting ,but open to all ideas 

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Yep. I've used that theme for a few groups. They board the train earthside in Breach town (Santa Fe). Excitement and wariness in equal doses is instilled. Malifaux has the potential for big reward. But also lots of danger. I talk about how passing through the breach has had strange effects on people. Some see things in the swirling energies. Some go unconscious. Some are physically transformed. I also build up the guild presence with guards on the train watching for Arcanist neredowells.


Once the train enters the Breach, that gives me a chance to tie the party together if they don't already know each other in-game. The party members are pitched into darkness. Everything goes quiet. No movement. In the distance each party member sees a faint glow. They realize they are standing and not sitting in seats. They are drawn to the glow. They come upon a table with a shape seated in front of a deck of cards. The shape speaks it has the voice of an aged woman. She beckons them to sit and she will read their fates. Chairs appear around the table. Just enough for the party to sit. The party member may recognize the others at the table as passengers on the train depending on how aware they were when boarding even though they are seated in separate cars of the train. 


If I haven't done character creation with them, I use this opportunity to do so. If we have, then the crone flips the cards from their Fate draw and reads their Fate to them. As she does so, a feeling passes through each member like this Fate is a memory they have not yet lived through. The crone looks deeply into the eyes of each member and instills in them that their fates are intertwined and they will find each others' presence beneficial in their travels through Malifaux. 


With those parting words, the world snaps back into light and motion as the train clears the Breach. If they look around they may or may not see the others. But as they exit the train they instantly recognize each other. 

I have sometimes thrown a Neverborn ambush or an escape from the prisoner car of the train if the player seem to be the kind of party that wants a little combat straight away or I want to build the factions in early. 


But yeah starting on the train ride opens a lot of possibility for world building. There can be Guild propoganda brochures on the train against the resserectionists/arcanists/ten Thunders. Conversations can be overheard discussing the threat of gremlins and Neverborn. Rumors of the explorers society recruiting. All of this can be used to steer the party or just add general doubt about all the factions depending on how intrigue of a campaign you want to run. 

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