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Waldo's Weekly - I See a Darkness

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Hey Wyrdos,

This week, we wanted to take a closer look into one of the aspects that makes the next Through the Breach expansion book special. In From Nightmares, not only will you have access to tons of new lore, equipment, Pursuits, and monsters to battle against, but you’ll also be able to create a Mimic, Nephilim/Half-Blood, Woe, or Nightmare Fated character using the new Bloodline Tarot character creation system. With new species comes new Talent options called Gifts of Darkness, which is what we’re focusing on today.


(you can also find the image above as a wallpaper!)

While the Bloodline Tarot allows you to create a human character, today we’re going to focus on the new options available to players and what else they offer during character creation.

When choosing a Neverborn species to play, players will have Bloodline Traits to choose from that act as additional characteristics that help further define and differentiate them from other Neverborn Fated characters. For example, all Nephilim would gain Black Blood and a selection of Morphologies (like cloven hooves, horns, fangs, and claws), Nightmares gain immunity to Horror duels, and Mimics can change their appearance with a (0) action. But that's just the beginning. 

After you have decided on which species of Neverborn your Fated will be (whether by deciding outright or allowing randomness to do the work for you) and decide on some specialized Bloodline Traits based on your decision, continue with the rest of character creation via the Tarot system. You’ll soon reach Step 13: Gifts of Darkness.

Neverborn Fated characters have a new pool of unique Talents available to them, tailored to fit what make their chosen species strange and terrifying. So, instead of choosing from the General Talents from the core book or from any of the other previous expansions, Neverborn Fated characters have Gifts of Darkness to choose from. They are also available during character creation based on choices made during the Bloodline Tarot. These Gifts of Darkness are often permanent and usually come along with physical changes to the character. Let’s take a look at some of the options that will be available:

 General Neverborn Gifts of Darkness

  • Shrouded: The Neverborn are creatures of darkness; in shadows, they watch and wait. This character gains the following talent: Camouflage. This character gains + to Stealth Challenges while in Cover, the wilderness, or while concealed in at least partial darkness or shadow.

  • Attuned to Malifaux: Magic infuses every root and stone in this strange world, and it runs particularly strongly in this character. Select one Transmogrifcation Magia; this character knows that Magia regardless of any Grimoire she carries.


  • Quick Alteration: This character rapidly changes some portion of herself to better suit the task at hand. This character may discard a card at the start of her activation to add one suit to a Skill she has until the end of her turn.

  • Silvertongue: Lying with every breath is standard fare for Mimics. When making a Deceive Challenge or duel, this character increases her final duel total by half of her Intellect Aspect, rounding up.


  • Negativity: Some Woes surround themselves with depressive auras, helping negative emotions flourish like weeds in a garden. When an enemy character within 3 yards of this character fails a Willpower duel, it suffers 1 damage after resolving the current action.

  • Flickering Form (requires 3+ Gifts of Darkness): This character may discard a card at any time to gain Incorporeal for one round.


  • Natural Weapons: Some Nephilim prefer using their wings, horns, and claws when fighting over swords and axes. This character deals +1 damage with Martial Arts or Pugilism attacks if she has the Horns or Cloven Hooves Nephilim Morphologies.

  • Black Blood Pustule: Black blood flows within this character’s veins, so much so that any injury results in caustic, sizzling blood spraying at all nearby attackers. The range of this character’s Black Blood talent is increased by +1 yard.


  • Now You See Me…: Creatures that frequently pass between worlds have learned to act quickly. After being returned to reality (such as being Unburied or being placed from Fade Away), this character may resolve a 1 AP action. If this is a Strike, it must be resolved against the closest character.

  •  Sleep Paralysis: After resolving a Ranged or Close Combat Attack action against a character with DazedParalyzed, or Asleep Condition(s), this character may elect to end one of those Conditions to deal 2 damage; this character then heals 1 damage.

While these new characteristics and gifts make Neverborn characters powerful to play, it’s important to know that there are also some limitations based on the world around you. You try walking past the Guild Enclave with giant wings and see what happens! As with every RPG, make sure that playing a Neverborn character fits with your campaign. If you’re in a campaign that is focusing on zombies from Under Quarantine, maybe reconsider making a Nephilim character (because they’re generally not too keen on the Dread Art). But if you’re navigating through the Knotwoods or battling against those who stumbled on your world by strolling through a magical breach, have at it!

And those are just the tips of the ice pillars for Neverborn characters in Through the Breach. From Nightmares will be available in February, so make sure to get your pre-orders in at your local game stores now!

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Oh I’m so excited for this expansion. I’m toying with the idea of converting my next campaign to use it. It’ll still be spooky weird noir, but now the Fated will be the spooky ones!

Any word on when it’ll be available as a PDF?

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