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Malifaux World Series Event #4: Love is a Battlefield

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Hi everybody!!

It's my pleasure to announce the next event for the Malifaux World Series: Love is a Battlefield 

This event will be running from February 5th to the 28th (so you'll have some small break from competitive play and scheduling games between the current event and this one).

Registration is open today and will be open until the February 4th 19:00 EST. 

This is a 3 rounds, 50ss, singles event, but also this time we'll have a twist! It's February, so time to show some love, love to our keywords and playing "in theme". To represent this, I've decided to put a limit to the number of Soulstones from OOK and versatile models you are allowed to include in your lists: 15ss. More details in the player pack.

The future 16 best vassal players should be able to adapt their playstyle and prove that they can win without recurring to the same OOK picks.

Your place in this event will apply towards qualification to the World Championship invitational in the works for August 2021. I am EST based in Québec, but this event is open to anyone who wants to play.

  • Player's pack with pools is to be found here
  • Register for this event here

World Series rankings will are hosted at https://vassal.malifaux-rankings.com/#/. Huge thanks to Malifaux-Rankings for hosting us!

We are working on consolidating our information, but for now, we have these links:
Series Event Calendar
Player Contact List
Game and Match Data - Expect to see more detailed master/score/scheme data here in the coming weeks.
Series Rules FAQ - We are trying to keep rules disputes contestant across the series. If something comes up in game, check here first.

I will check this post as often as I can, but my preferred contact is via Discord: CapShinChan#2785

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15 hours ago, Maniacal_cackle said:

Oh, looks like the soulstone tax doesn't count for the 15 stone limit.

So I might have swap Archie for a grave golem or something xD Good news for nurses as well.

I'm glad that you like it!

9 hours ago, Plaag said:

why only 3 rounds? why not 5?


8 hours ago, trikk said:

I assume it's because February is shorter and to make a small 1 week off between tournaments.

This is the answer. We also want to give a small break (it's only 1 week), since people also have other compromises than playing Faux online with (sometimes) crazy time differences.

But don't worry, there are other events in the pool with 4-5 rounds and we're going back to the standard rules (50ss, single master, no special rules).

4 hours ago, Harandil said:

There is no new tab in the contact list file. So I can't check if my registration goes without issues.

There will be soon, but check your email, you should have something there.

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