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Malifaux World Series Event #4: Love is a Battlefield

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Hi all!

After some deliberation, it was decided to make some changes, mainly for the last map of the event. The new player pack can be found HERE (it also has been updated in the original post).

Things that have changed:

  • Definition of the rocky part of the hill in R1
  • Definition of the staircase in R1
  • ht of the forest is unlimited now, to avoid confusions about seeing over them and/or ignoring concealment.
  • R3 map has changed
  • Clarification about placing the Symbols of Authority on top of scenery elements (to prevent weird interactions when a Symbol can't be picked because a model's base can't fit in base contact with it)

Please, pay attention to the cactus in R3 map. They follow the special rules defined in the player pack, so no Injured.

We considered that this new map is going to offer a better overall player experience and will avoid some "tricky plays" about where Symbols can be placed. I apologize for this last minute changes, but I think it's for the best. If anyone wants to change faction after this, please, reach out to me ASAP and I'll make it happen ;)

Friendly reminder: the inscriptions will be close tomorrow and the pairings will be up. If all the games are played before the due date, the schedule will be adjusted to get extra time for the next tournament.

And thank you all for participating!!!!!!!!!! We love to see so many people invested! Go flip some card, enjoy your games and remember that Bad Things happen! (Sometimes to you, sometimes to your opponent :P )

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Is there anyone from discord that can Help me setup the app and figure out how to use these maps, I'd appreciate it. I'll try not to take up more than 10 minutes of your time. I already have vassal installed and the explorers vassal file sitting in front of me on my desktop

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49 minutes ago, SEV said:

So how does the crumble wall of the building work? Can we place in to the building through that wall or is it consider as a super large door and we have to walk inside?

Super large door, so still no leaps. Be aware that there is a small portion that counts as severe terrain.


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46 minutes ago, wookiejunior said:

Why are the groups split by rankings? Doesn't this skew the scores for ranking purposes, and defeats the point of splitting into two? 

It has its upsides and downsides. For a 3 round tournament the point difference and the points scored make a huge difference, so we wanted to minimize the chances of a top player facing a more newish player and getting a 8-0 out of, which would make it very difficult to prevent him to become the winner (or reach podium) after a single game.

Also notice that the same spot in both pods will grant some extra points in the first pod, since there are more players in that one (difference is not huge, but every point matters).

Finally, we think that making the groups balance like this will result in a better player experience overall. People will be usually playing against others with a similar level and we believe there are good and strong players in both groups.

Let's remember that a single big win isn't going to be enough to get anyone in the top 16 that will participate in the final Masters Championship, specially if we're talking about a podium in a 3 rounds event ;) 

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32 minutes ago, HowNot2Wargame said:

Hi - are we being pulled into one server for discord communication? Tried to send a message to my opponent to arrange a time, but realise we are not sharing any servers.

sorry if I am being too eager. Happy to message using forums as such instead.

This is the server that is being used as the main communication point for the series https://discord.gg/QSApfr3ZMY

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