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PlastCraft-The Tower- Instructions needed

Bravo Two Zero

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New to Malifaux and enjoying it very much.  Loving the aesthetic and the feel of this world.  So, I moved from using a mix of my WW2 buildings and some odd old Wild west buildings.  I have purchased and built many of the Plast Craft offerings.  I have The Tower and am working on this one.   My issue is that I would like to have the instructions as I am just not 100% or even 70% on how to get this one together.  The quality is great and would like to not have mistakes messing it up and making it look bleeeh.



With all that said I would like to know if anyone may have these instructions they could share with me so that I can complete this one?     This is all I have left of the lot I purchased.


Seems Plast Craft does not have any support for these products any more.  I have tried the WayBack machine and this just leads to 301 server error screens and even links form other sites selling these leads to domain purchase result.


If you have these I would hope you could share.  Thanks in advance---Bravo Two Zero(we are a ground call sign)

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I will update just to put this to bed.  I never did find the instructions.   The piece is straight-forward for all but the detailed roof.   How that goes together can be a trick. 


 Now if you have had the issue I had please feel free to reach out to me and I will guide you along.    Shame on me for no work in progress images.   Now the trick on the Roof is to get the supports.  They are flat black but I did an image.    I also did an image for the Tower in all its tower-y goodness.



it is is a nice piece and very well done.   If you can find it and others form this range it is worth adding.  Made for Malifaux and totally gives off that vibe.   S for my second post---I hope someone may find it useful or just enjoy the images.   


just aside note***  I did this with my 9 year old daughter.   It was big and ambitious.    The main body was done by her.     Most painted before we glued it on.   So please all enjoy the images and pass it along.   Happy gaming.




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