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Hi all, my daughter picked up a Pandora box for me for christmas, so I managed to paint the first model. 

Loved it, the base it's still an idea. I quite like to leave them empty just with the glow, Creepy! 

I'll post the rest of the crew when done :)



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1 hour ago, Maogrim said:

Really, really cool! You've managed to capture the subtle creepyness of these sculpts perfectly! 

Thanks, glad you like them, yes they are inspiring, i picked a green/blue palette with those glows to reflect the creepy atmosphere without being too predictable, at least I'm trying 😅

when finished I'll try to take better pics, the camera phone is cutting off all the midtones

Here the WIP of the rest of the lot 


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  • Mike_Skadog changed the title to Pandora Crew - painting log

Ok 2 aversions done too 😅

Trying lots of new tecniques (for me) here I've used airbrush, plus acrylics and oil glazing/weathering 

Hope they are ok, I've tryed to give the impression of their transparency still using real life colors reminders 



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1 hour ago, Maogrim said:

They are far more than just 'okay'. I think they are awesome!!! Resurrectionists would be proud to field such a ghostly crew! :)


I have been painting historical stuff mainly for a while, its very entertaining to try new stuff. 

I just bought Hamelin to follow just to go back to a more muted palwtte :)

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12 hours ago, AzuraRayume said:

That's a cool Teddy! I like the dark teal a lot- very different from the usual, and a lovely match to the Pandora crew


I decided to spray some stripes on that arm to make it look more interesting, and probably I need to highlight better the fur, drybrushing/wash it's not enough... single lock pick with the brush is quite tedious though... 


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