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Scatter terrain?


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Thanks for all the great advice so far! I'm compiling a spreadsheet for my club of things that will match our mats, and now needing to tackle the next thing: scatter terrain!

What are your suggestions for scatter terrain? Ideally pre-painted, but scatter terrain is so small one of us could paint it I'm sure.

Things like barrels, carts and wheelbarrows, maybe even markets... Stuff you can scatter in:

  • City maps
  • Forest/jungle maps
  • Wasteland or desert maps
  • Ice maps

Any suggestions? :)

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For scatter terrain, I really like paperfold models:





Especially stuff like the wooden crates is build within minutes and very easy to store and play on. 

I have a full table of papermodel containers for Infinity and it works just perfect.

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Wolsung have some cool (expensive) resin crates and barrels. They're already laid out as barricades for you as well. 

TT combat had a bunch of MDF carts that were great and cheap, not sure they're in production at the moment though. 

4 grounds have a bunch of stuff as do warcradle (under gloomburg iirc). 

Mantic do plastic terrain that looks very appropriate, but I've never seen it in person. 

For Ice and Jungle maps you're probably better off making your own stuff.

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Plenty of wagons and carts out there. Don't forget to check Etsy - a surprising amount of terrain on there, though usually not pre-painted.

I really like 4Ground's crate set - use it a lot: 

Some 3d printed stuff on Amazon can work. These boulders could be useful and don't necessarily have to be painted:

Terrain Crates are great, but expensive and seem to be hard to find. Also not pre-painted. Something like this:

Pegasus used to make some cactus sets. I have those and like them on my desert/wasteland board. Sometimes even call them hazardous for extra fun.

Warcradle has some decent stuff for city boards. Their Dunsmout sets pieces will be available individually at the end of Jan and some of the small buildings have a decent amount of scatter included. So you get a small building and some scatter. Fisherman's hut and Tackle shop are nice.


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