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2021 Monthly Painting Challenge - January


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45 minutes ago, Harlekin said:

Summary of my January:

So it's Valedictorian (10) + 2 Undergraduates (2x6) + Sybelle (10) + Dead Doxy (6) = 38 Stones

Thank you all for having this monthly painting challenge going. Without those motivational buffs I wouldn't manage to get this much done 🙇‍♂️

I really like the stockings on your doxy 👍

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@Caedrus downgrading to Totem. Hopefully I'll finish 2-3 crew boxes this year at least, but none of those are on my immediate to-do list. I'll see if I can hang on by the wing until I get some Wyrd painted again :)As for your Viks crew, I think magenta is the secret sauce in your chosen colour scheme. It really elevates the models that have it. Others seem plain by comparison. Nice to see Dark Sea Blue used so prominently.


Lots of contributions this month. You guys rock :Burning:Just a few mentions, I don't have all night unfortunately :D

@Sphynxy TV Oh my gosh that Candy is adorable. I love that dress.

@Magnus Good haul for two week's worth of painting. Keep doing squads or half squads at least somewhat consistently and you'll get your painted army.

@Woody71 If I were to push Talos further, I'd look into brighter highlights, especially on the blue and green. Make 'em pop a bit more. There's a lot of metallic surfaces so painting a bit more interest into them could be worth it. Either just brown washed here 'n there to indicate grime, or pick out a few details with the green to match the otherworldy energies that power him. And simply just making shadows and highlights more pronounced on the metal will add some oomph to it. As is it's pretty uniform regardless of how lit different areas "should" be. Brass could also be balanced one the figure more. Currently it's on the base and on the hammer's pommel. Maybe pick out a few bolts or trim on the shoulders, gloves and/or hammer head.

@Harlekin 5 minis, you're building up speed. I especially dig your undergraduates and Sybelle.

@Vessien Good Fuhatsu. For c&c I'd like to see the highlights pushed a bit higher. Shine for the metal(?) armour and more emphasis on his face. But I'm really enjoying it as is.

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