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Domadore de Cadaveres Advanced Pursuit Homebrew


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I love the Eternal Dance and the Domadore de Cadaveres, so nice to see this.  A few comments on the abilities:

  1. Nice, seems well balanced
  2. Timing clarification needed.  How long does the bonus last?  Undead basically go on their own turn.  Maybe make it last until the start of your next turn.  Also, I'm assuming it affects the movement used while casting, if so you should say so.  Otherwise it could be interpreted as only applying to things that happen after.
  3. Seems a bit underpowered if anything, but very useful.
  4. For Undead under player control, this bonus would only really apply to them defending from attacks; they flip for attacks when Ordered.  Then, if the player has the Defense Protocol Talent, the Undead will also flip on the defense and this will do nothing.  Is that the intent?  If not, maybe have it add to all Tests they do.  Though maybe base it on either Charm or half Necromancy; by the time a player gets to this point I'd hope they're going to have at least a Necromancy of 3 if not 5.  And that seems a lot to add to every action the undead are making.
  5. Necromancer (or Graverobber) already gives this (I think, don't have the books in front of me); making it redundant for many. I like what you're going for though.  Perhaps some other affect to increase the effectiveness of Order.
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