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Ivan Vs Seamus


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Sorry for the point form, was just keeping notes each activation during this Vassal game. Ended up 8:2 for English Ivan. He died himself, but I played him agressively to lock the Seamus crew in their half of the table, and deny opportunities for "a cause for celebration". Card luck went to English as well, I think this likely could have turned out a lot closer. Still give the edge to English though.

Deployment: Standard

Strat: Corrupt Leylines

Schemes: Let Them Bleed, Sabotage, Catch and Release, Claim Jump, Hidden Martyrs

English Ivan:

Ivan (hidden agenda), Mr. Mordrake, Mr. Ngaatoro, Corvis Rook, Gibson DeWalt, Operative, Operative 2, Nocturne. 7 SS. Took Martyrs on Gibson and an Operative, and Sabotage. I expected to lose the operatives as they get around so much tech for Seamus crew, but Gibson bit it early on so the Operative had to high tail it out of there.


Seamus (the whisper), Copycat Killer, Madame Sybelle, Asura Roten, Bete Noire, Rotten Bell (Grave Spirit's Touch), Rotten Belle, Carrion Effigy (effigy of fate). 4 SS. Took Martyrs on a Belle and Bete.

Turn 1:

  • Win init with 13, activate Gibson to get it back with tools, handout distracted (4 to Ivan thanks to Mordrake) with firefly, walked and black jokered getting a shadow marker out.
  • Belle focused and moved to leyline
  • Nocturne focused and moved to leyline
  • Mr Ngatorro moved and focused
  • 2nd Belle moves and focused
  • Corvus mv/mv to change to left flank
  • Sybelle mv, fails WP duel vs Gibson to beckon him
  • Mordrake mv, focus (passed to Ivan)
  • Effigy moves and focused
  • Operative, mv/ambush/shoots at Belle w/upgrade for 2 dmg
  • Seamus, teleports, kills the non-martyr operative then uses her corpse for bonus action, then shoots gibson with a red joker damage!! Gibson stones to reduce by 1, plus shield leaves him at 1 health.
  • Ivan Activates and teleports closer in fog cloud, focus/distracted/conceal shot, stones for crow to get summon off, flips 12, Seamus cheats a 12. Ivan cheats a 13 to get a Broken Spectre out and gets a lucky moderate 3 dmg. Misses second shot. 3rd gets red joker damage with crow for 6 dmg! SS for ... 1 dmg reduced :(
  • Copycat switches places with Seamus and runs away this fight!!
  • Operative moves up and shoots Copycat
  • Asura moves and summons two mindless zombies
  • Bette charges the Spectre and gets 2 dmg+bury trigger

Turn 2:

  • Seamus BJ the initiative flip
  • Operative activates and kills the copycat, then moves behind front line
  • Seamus activates, teleports to centre and loses duel to shoot Gibson, teleports back to cover
  • Gibson gives focus & fast to Spectre but fails firefly
  • Mindless zombie flails at Gibson
  • Spectre moves, charges Sybelle, fails to hurt her. Then aoe plinks sybelle and the belle for 2 dmg
  • Second Mindless Zombie kills Gibson
  • Ivan kills Martyr Belle on second attack after making a shadow marker and teleporting forward (BJ first attack), and summons a Nocturne
  • Sybelle tries to kill Nocturne, but Nocturne cheats up twice to survive with it's great Df 6
  • Asura tries to decay Ivan twice and fails, bonus action charge for mindless zombie who also fails to hit
  • Nocturne hits carrion effigy, and cheats red joker damage
  • Effigy disengage, entropic syphon, but fails to do anything
  • Corvus mv/interact
  • Bette unburies and charges Ivan, hits for crow giving slow (passed to Mr Mordrake) and 2 dmg, miss, then hit again with crow cheats up and gets moderate damage flip for 3, so Ivan eats a shadow marker, still gains slow though
  • Mordrake walks towards Bette
  • Belle walks to center strat
  • Nocturne runs to centre strat
  • Ngaatoro moves and obeys belle off strat, to charge Asura, free trigger deal 1dmg and 1 poison, uses focus and hits with neg turning to positive; flipping a severe 3 dmg

Turn 3

  • Bette hits Ivan, cheats (takes damage) and deals 3 dmg, cheats again to get a hit in, and deals 3 more min (ss reduce 2)
  • Ivan teleports away, hits sybelle summons Daeva, who swings and misses Asura, Ivan hits Emissary for min 3
  • Emissary activates aura and charges Ivan who has to cheat a 12 and 13 to survive its' attacks
  • Mordrake charges and misses Bette twice
  • Seamus moved/focused then 1 hit Daeva
  • Operative gets lucky shot and on neg gets severe dmg to kill Bette
  • Asura mv/charge, hits a mod dmg on Ivan
  • Spectre hits Sybelle for severe using focus, wild swing ties to hit with last cheating card, on triple neg flips black and red joker for damage (to the rulebook I go ... BJ cancels RJ)
  • Sybelle kills nocturne, one attack getting a blast to hit Ivan for 1 bringing him to 1 health
  • Mr Ngatorro mv/charge belle, gets a moderate klling her and getting 2 dmg and a poison on Sybelle
  • Mindless Zombie fails to hurt Mordrake
  • Corvus scores Sabotage

Turn 4 

  • Carrion Emissary kills off Ivan! Takes 1 point of dmg from cheating to finish it off though
  • Spectre kills Sybelle, then Asura. Tossing the lode stone to Seamus himself, ruining secret passage for him
  • Seamus shoots Ngaatoro for 6 then chargres Corvus doing 4 ... just 1 dmg shy of getting let them bleed
  • Ngaatoro and Corvus finish off Seamus and lay a scheme for Sabotage
  • Last Mindless zombie killed by Operative, clears the board

Turn 5 

  • Score the last 3 VP uncontested
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