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What Tokens and Markers needed?

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I want to upgrade my set of tokens and markers. I have an ME2 set from Customeeple. And I want to expand it with tokens needed for ME3 and new Masters.

At the moment I'm playing Molly. Next year I want to expand to Reva, Mc Mourning and Seamus.


What tokens and markers would you recommend to have a very good selection for ME3, GG2 (?), and the new masters?

I have:

  • 5 Scheme markers
  • 5 Corpse markers
  • 5 Scrap markers
  • 8 Activations markers (don't need more)
  • 7 Soulstone markers
  • 16 Wound markers (I don't need more, we count with dice)
  • 5 Burning tokens
  • 3 Fast
  • 3 Focus markers (with Molly I need more)
  • 3 Poison tokens
  • 3 Shielded stance
  • 3 Slow
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I'd add to your list:

  • Coffin markers (for carrion emissary)
  • Pyre markers (For Reva)
  • Mindless zombies (or proxies), which are essentially walking corpse markers.
  • WAY more poison if you're going to play mcmourning.
  • A bit more burning tokens to play Reva (though some people dish out lots of burning).
  • More corpse markers
  • 5 strategy markers

And I'm sure I forgot something else.

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The Soulstone cap is 10 now, so there's that. I don't know if you'll want more with the masters you're looking at, though I, personally, like full sets.

I'd add several scheme markers, some schemes need 3 by themselves.

I've heard of cheesy builds with McMourning that can get like 5 models to Poison +10 or something turn 1, so maybe use dice for that instead?

Reva uses Shielded for some stuff, iirc.

Hope that helps somewhat.

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