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Dreamer crew help

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I haven't run it myself, but on paper Von Schill is a touch matchup for Dreamer. He's got reach to pressure Dreamer early, cheap access to ruthless, high WP on several key pieces, AND gravity well.

I would bring a lure so you can get models outside of Gravity Well to pop out your summons. Probably Hinamatsu, since her Armor 2 gives the opponent a different problem to overcome than the rest of the crew. "From Nightmares" pops out the summon after resolving, so the movement from the Lure happens first, then hopefully there's space to get your summon out. Using "Hole in the World" on Serena can achieve the same effect if you don't have the versatile options.

Keep Dreamer himself back and keep his bodyguards more spread out that usual. You'll delay or discourage VS himself diving into Dreamer. Rocket launchers and other blasts are a real danger. If Moderate blasts manage to hit Dreamer and multiple Daydreams, you are in a world of hurt. I would take 8-10 stones and plan on using at least 4 for reducing damage on Dreamer.

Finally, I think this is a matchup where you need to hit what you can kill. "Twist Reality" ignores armor, which is great in the matchup, but if he's running a fair sized SS pool, Arik, Hannah, and Schill might still be too tough to crack. Killing cheap AP (especially before it activates) is going to win you the game in the long run. Dreamer is a late game master, you should be playing every game with that in mind.

Is your VS opponent bringing any versatile OOK models that are giving you trouble?



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Spam Stitched Together and then use Lucid Dreams to sculpt a disgusting hand for them to play with, then bring Widow Weaver to resummon them whenever they die. Because of Arik's Gravity Well and Freikorps generally high WP you're going to be having some trouble actually getting your summons on the table, maybe bring Hinamatsu for her speed and 12" lure, then try and hit something with low WP.

If you want to be really cruel bring Zoraida as a second master for the hand refill/stat 7 obey. You can also use the scrap generated by the Voodoo Doll dying to summon Stitched with Widow Weaver.

In general I'd say the scariest things about Freikorps are their hand quality and their melee alpha strike potential (Arik can hit very hard and then Hannah copying Arik hits even harder). Send in your stitched after you've lucid dreamsed out a few face cards and hope they take the bait and waste their beater AP and high cards on your stitched and then try and hit back (probably with Twist Reality given it ignores armour).

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VS crew is dangerous for Dreamer. As said above, go for the long game; that crew just walk over dreamer early. Include (proxy it if needed) Carver; between swagger and Shouting Orders they got decent Focused access. Their triggers and damage boosts are another thing that make them dangerous, between the boots, triggers and Focused they can reach min 4 or several :+flip to damage; which might let them blow up your model fast. That's other reason to include Carver (stunned) and you could consider Candy for another source of stunned (and slow). Debuffs might buy you the time you need to scale your crew, so consider them in this game (Insudious might be worth it to control them after they are in the fray, but you'll need Carver to counter the initial alpha strike before it happens)

Serena needs to be in the game, she cannot be charged and has the armour ignoring attack (plus condition removal in case Hans is also in the game). Spamming stitcheds with WW could be another way to tackle this, but be careful because WW can be killed fast by that crew.

I agree with the Hinamatsu pick, with Flurry and her triggers she will perform well versus VS (be careful with blast and mines tho) and she can help to bring summons into the table. And other puppets can also help, Vasilisa plus a few extra puppets may let you control all those diving charge models with staggered, which might help to avoid them striking wherever they want (and both Vasi and dolls may force them to discard cards or lock their actions and all puppets drop scrap for WW).

Another OOK model might be a BBS to grow into a Mature; this might be a bit of a gamble because he can be killed fast in BBS mode and VS has good ranged attacks; but he will be safer than other models versus the mele ones with Combat Finesse (tho Arik may also get Focused is he manage to hit him), has the mobility to pressure the backline/do schemes and the Focused Pulse might give your other models a shot defending/retaliating. Not 100% sure how he'd work here tho.

Be careful with Dreamer, all those diving charge models with high damage can get him killed fast if he is isolated, but not surround him with a lot of chaff either because if you do they will blast the hell out of him. Keep 1 or 2 models with a moderate/high Hp near of him (Stitched, Serena or Carver) and make sure not 3 models can get hit by blasts (take note 2'' is slightly higuer than a :blast, so use the rule of intent to position your models in a way that minimice the damage; a rocket launcher should only be able to hit 2 models even if 2 are in Protected(Nightmare) range). Spread your daydreams to make harder to kill them all diving into one place or with a blast, you'll need all those LD cards.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice!

Got myself a Carver model... All the way from Sweden since that's pretty much true only place on Earth that has one in stock. I just looked at the Serena Bowman card, so maybe I'll have to proxy her.

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