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Any recommendations for Penny Dreadfuls?

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Considering running a mini-campaign for TTB for some mates and I was gonna just string together some of the one-shots and, maybe, cap it off with a larger one like Days Without Accident (considering that one since I'm reading through it at the moment).  Never GM'd anything before so I'm strapping the training wheels on, so to speak.😛

Anyway, I can't decide on which ones to actually use.  All I've got is starting off with Bad Things Happen from the core book and then ending with one of the larger ones, it's the one-shots to use in between I'm stumped on.  Any recommendations?  Because there's a shedload of 'em and all I've managed to narrow it down by is "not the ones that assume the party are working for the Ten Thunders".  Which, by the blurbs I've been reading on DriveThru, only knocks out like two or three.

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Personally, I’m a big fan of The Ferryman and Honor Among Thieves for one-shots. The latter has the Fated working for the Ten Thunders, but more as a “business opportunity” than actual loyalty. I also really like Heart of Darkness, because giant spiders that live in your shadow is an absolutely terrifying concept to me. My Fated had a lot of fun with Ghost House too, but I made some changes to that one, so YMMV.

If you’re looking to get your Fated out into the wilderness hunting a dinosaur, you can’t go wrong with Jurassic Faux. It’s longer, but might be good for a change of pace if things start feeling stale.

Another great one to mix things up is A Stitch in Time. Once your Fated are familiar with Malifaux and how the society works, you can throw them back in time and change a bunch of stuff. Maybe that building doesn’t exist anymore, or they accidentally killed the ancestor of their big bad, causing an even bigger bad to take their place! It’s better for this one to go somewhere in the middle, so your Fated can appreciate how different everything is afterwards. It’s also several sessions long, so just be aware.

Finally, take a look at the various one-offs in Wyrd Chronicles. Giant sandworms, amorous Ressers, there are a ton of great adventures there and they’re all free. DriveThruRPG has all the Wyrd Chronicles, and I can probably find some recommendations if you’re overwhelmed.

In general, I’d recommend doing a few one-offs to start, then a longer one once they’re comfortable in the world, then a couple more one-offs and your big finish adventure. How are you liking Days Without Accident, btw? I haven’t read it yet.


Oh, one more thing! Don’t be afraid to mess with the Penny Dreadfuls as you go. If your Fated really like a FM character, bring them back later (maybe they recommend the Fated for another job, or need to be rescued). The same goes for villains, never throw away a good one that the Fated connect with. The great thing about Malifaux is that death is not the end. People spontaneously resurrect or are brought back by Ressers, or become vengeful spectres. You’ll get comfortable enough with GM’ing soon enough, and your players will be glad to see a few common threads throughout their adventures.

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Well I’d already ruled out Stitch in Time for more personal reasons (I’m in a PF1e campaign on the Paizo boards going through Return of the Runelords which has a lot of temporal shenanigans going on - between that and having recently replayed Bioshock Infinite I’m pretty well sated on playing with causality for now).  I’ll give Honour a look tonight and start looking through the Chronicles, I didn’t realise they might have adventures in them (I think I ended up just seeing them as Wyrd’s version of White Dwarf or something).

And I was planning to modify NPCs like you suggested - the adventures I have looked through have mentioned alternative characters to use to get the party involved, depending on who they are/affiliated with/etc so it already got me thinking along those lines from the get-go.

As for Days Without Accident, it seems interesting so far though I’m still only partway through Act 2.  One nice touch is that it’s showing what the Guild Mortuary is having to deal with after McMourning outed himself as a Resurrectionist.  Apparently he didn’t clean up after himself on the way out, so to speak.

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