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Wild Speculation for whats to come

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Lets try to guess what kind of units we might be getting in the future, after Wyrd successfully re-launches this wonderful game.

Three Kingdoms- The boxer. Im guessing he will be the main duder. 

Guild- Maybe one of their airships as a titan?

Kimon- I wanted to say Asami, but she seems to be opposed to their plans. So maybe Amanjaku will make an appearance?

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Ooh, Wild Speculation? That's my favourite kind! :D


Guild - IIRC the Kings Hand was originally commissioned by the Guild for their own use. With the fallout after London, the Kings Empire just kind of decided to keep the manufactured Titans for themselves.

So i guess what I'm saying has that i wouldn't mind at all if the Guild just used a variant of the Kings Hand for themselves. ;)


Kimon/3 Kingdoms - honestly it's hard to suggest things without delving straight into the Ten Thunders range. Specifically though, I'd love the chance to have a bunch of Murder Monkeys (Yokai) running around in a Kimon army!


Sandmen - Nytemare is supposedly getting a Syndicate at some point. When/if it does show up, a Titan-scale Lord Chompy Bits is first on my want list. ;) Beyond that, the range could be pretty wild. From brainwashed soldiers to literal manifested nightmares. 


Other Allegiances - i think alot of people (myself included) would love to see an undead Allegiance (where's our zombie hordes?!). The Spanish have a history with necromancy, but there's also the Czar of the Ottomans (?), who's strongly hinted at utilising some dark magic in the Fenton Brahms story.

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