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Waldo's Weekly - Under the Sea


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This week, Waldo thought that we should change the scenery of the office and hold our meetings out on the ocean. When we tried to explain to him that there’s no way for us to talk underwater, he told us to use speech bubbles.

So while we do our best to forget that joke ever happened, let’s take a look at two more characters that are joining the Explorer’s Society: Dr. Beebe and his trusty bathysphere, Calypso!


Dr. Ogden Beebe, an experienced scientist and engineer, once had the wild idea of building an underwater exploration device that could be piloted by someone inside to finally unravel the many mysteries that lie beneath the surface of the oceans. After being laughed at and ridiculed by his peers, he built it, and his illustrious new Captain caught notice and signed him to join her crew.


On the table, Dr. Beebe will do everything that he can to keep his larger-than-life metal companion running like a well-oiled machine. And when Bad Things Happen, he can take some time (and a Scrap Marker) to rebuild his treasured creation.


By itself, Calypso is an empty vessel. A tin can, if you will. But any friendly model (of Size 2 or less) can Climb Aboard to make this underwater exploration vessel an All-Terrain vehicle that’s ready to cause some serious havoc to any opponent.


To find out more about the other EVS characters, make sure to scoop up the Explorer’s Society Faction book, releasing later this month!

That’s it from us. We’ll be snorkeling until next week!

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Looks like this can have a lot of interesting ways to be played.

If I got that right, when calypso has a pilot, it will basically activate twice in the round? Once has its own activation, once with the pilot's activation making Calypso do actions?

Also I'm guessing the reconfigure ability might be the EVS keyword common ability (since it has the suit specified in parenthesis, there should be other instances of that ability on other suits)
And the "water elemental" model that was previewed a while back might be part of this crew too, if it's all "water themed" (and since the previews mentions his captain, I'll bet that's the master so it should all revolve around water/underwater stuff)

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Yes! My favorite models from the beta finally make an appearance and they look great! The good doctor and his roboctopus are super versatile and interesting to play, and they present a unique challenge to your opponent.


EDIT: The more I look at Calypso, the more I wish it looked more like an octopus and less like a sphere with legs. The Hunter, the Peacekeeper, the Watcher, they're all great looking constructs because they don't look realistic, they're these insane mad scientist designs. Looks like I'll have to convert my calypso to have a big ol' octopus head and longer tentacles. 

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4 hours ago, MajorUndead said:

If I got that right, when calypso has a pilot, it will basically activate twice in the round? Once has its own activation, once with the pilot's activation making Calypso do actions?


I think this is correct, as I understand it, which is, interesting.

Also noted that the pilot would appear to suffer damage when Calypso is destroyed if its Demise ability goes off. The ejection occurs before the demise (which is a 2" detonation) and places the former pilot within 2" (so inside that detonation pulse). Notably Dr Beebe is immune due to Evasive.

So really seems to be an interesting spin on what would, I expect normally, be a 10pt Enforcer model (6+4) with some very weird, outside-the-box, play. 

Honestly love the idea, love that (in line with the expanding lore) we are exploring the last great truly unknown frontier of Malifaux (or for that matter Earth) in its seas and oceans. Will we see Water Gamin and Water Golems? Will they see Arcanist play? What is the chances of a Malifaux Neverborn aquatic crew appearing in the future? Do Mechanicals rust, sink or short out in the brine? Inquiring minds need more of this crew. And if Jules Verne is not a major theme for at least one model (Master??) then I'll be amazed and disappointed.

Explorers continue to impress. 

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Ok, I owe the guys and gals at Wyrd an apology. I was so hung up on the roboctopus idea in my head, I totally missed what Calypso is. It’s a bathysphere, because the real William Beebe was the first biologist to use one. Not gonna lie, that’s really cool, and a bathysphere with crab legs is awesome.

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