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Rotten Harvest 2020 Voting Announcement

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Heya Wyrdos!

After over a hundred entries across five categories, Rotten Harvest 2020 has moved into the voting phase. Thanks to everyone who entered, especially those first timers to Wyrd painting contests! I greatly appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation during submission time. Below you will find the link to each voting poll. Only one vote per user can be made in each category. Please keep in mind the category’s theme in addition to the quality of the submission.

Remember, forum accounts have to have 10 posts attributed to them before their vote will count. For those who are new to the forum, check out our various subforums and engage in anything that catches your eye. Our forums have a lot to offer. Don’t forget to comment on every entry in the Rotten Harvest Gallery with your thoughts or encouragement to be entered for the chance of a participant prize!

It's Alive! Voting Thread

Monsterhunters and Ghostbusters Voting Thread

Creep Show Voting Thread

Hello, Boils and Ghouls! Voting Thread

Unfathomable Horror Voting Thread

After you’ve voted, feel free to comment with what Tricks or Treats the hobby has given you lately! For me, a gorgeous bust of Babayagha by Karol Rudyk Art and the Witches and Woes Special Edition box are my spooky hobby treats. What has the season brought to your paint and hobby table this year?

Two Important updates!

Firstly, due to a violation of the Wyrd Painting contest rules, one entry from the Creep Show category has been removed. Please check your votes in case one of yours was for the disqualified entry.

Second, make sure to click on the photos in the poll to see the entry at its original size! This will prevent you from missing the great details!

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Well another season where a Wyrd painting competition reminds me how much I love their products. With such a down year and no games, I lost most motivation to work on anything. This competition brought be back to one of my one of my favorite old crews in my collections as well some some great new wyrdscape products.

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I feel a need to echo much of what's been said here, thank you all for running this it's been a great reason to push myself in painting and building and a wonderful way to get motivated in a year that's been seriously lacking in fun. Not to mention there are now so many pretty pretty things to look at and be envious of. Thanks Wyrd.

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