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New fated races

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let me know what you think. Any criticism and ideas on how to make them better would be appreciated 

The Leiche- A skeleton race reanimated by forgotten magic.

-have the undead characteristic instead of living

- Are immune to all conditions that reference living anatomy. Can still be knocked unconscious.

- The defining suit of your twist deck must be Tomes.

- The Leiche can only be healed by a TN +5 necromancy check instead of doctor

- The Leiche gain a +1 flip to willpower duels but get a -1 flip to defense.

- The type of Leiche depends on the suit of the allegiance, family, brush, vice, or station.

Ram- Gaunt- +1 flip to Enchanting

Tomes- Withered- +1 flip to Sorcery

Masks- Shrivelled- +1 flip to Prestidigitation

Crows- Returned- +1 flip to Necromancy

Jokers- Bound Ones- +1 flip to Counter-Spelling

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The problem with this comes not with the crunch but with the fluff.  For the crunch I'd personally try to come up with a new tarot for it or apply it to a specific tarot rather than have it piggyback off of every Fated tarot, but that's just me. The rules you came up with don't appear to be unbalanced, and I like the idea of a magic based race that isn't necessarily Neverborn. But honestly, a skeleton walking around Malifaux won't last long outside the Quarantine Zone, even in areas outside Guild control. Furthermore, it'll cause problems with the party since it's harder to hide a skeletal nature as opposed to Stitched (which are still human-looking for the most part). It can easily get the rest of the Fated in trouble for being suspected Resurrectionists, rather than the plausible deniability a Stitched represents even if the party is aware of its nature. "Honestly, Marshal, we had no idea. He wore a lot of cologne and bought a bunch of makeup, but honestly some Guild lawyers do that!" becomes "What, that skeleton is undead? We were totally fooled!" It could be an idea for a novelty campaign where the PCs are on the run and/or or never leave the QZ and the only living Resser has to find supplies, but in a normal campaign it would be much less of a pain to just be a Stitched instead.

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